Korean Recipe: How to Make a Stir Fry Beef Japchae with Sweet Potato Noodles and Vegetables

Video showing how to make a stir fry Korean dish beef Japchae with sweet potato noodles, fish cake and vegetables of your choice. This one has carrots, bell peppers, mushrooms, etc. Enjoy!


Justin Lacy says:

Looks beautiful cant wait to try itο»Ώ

Matthew Kitamura says:

when u fry anything in oil it will KILL most of the nutrients in the item

Alexander Molly says:

What kind of beef do you use? πŸ™‚

Karen E. says:

That would be a great idea. Jajangmyeon looks delicious.

Karen E. says:

I mean Japchae looks delicious.

Karen E. says:

I have never heard of Fishcake before.Are people only supposed to cut
through noodles one time?Bapchae looks very delicious.I can’t wait to make

Karen E. says:

I love Sweet Potato dishes.I want to make it now. I’ll definitely make it

pododo300 says:

JAPCHAE is very delicious!X)

Jinseo Lim says:

to all the people who are complaining bout the oil use FFS, its not like
you are gonna eat it all yourself… the amount 506knots made is like for 4
people at least…..so the amount of oil is not a lot I think people need
to bloody stop complaing,

Jinseo Lim says:

Korean fish cake the rectangle one is called Odeng / Omook and the Pink and
white one is called Kamaboko…its Japanese fish cake

msw454545msw says:

soo easy

cynthia maria dolorico says:

lol im glad i stumbled upon this video, i just finished making my very
first japchae few minutes ago, and it turned out delicious. =)

Ellinor Wah says:

@506knots Thank you for your answer! πŸ˜€ Ohh, sounds really yummy! Thank
you! I’ll go buy fish cake next week and make some! πŸ˜€

0HisQueen0 says:

What can I substitute the fish cake with? Eggs? Looks good

Kolpezky says:

Wow! It looks so delicious! I’m gonna try this recipe at home. Thanks a
million for this video! ^^

SherlynS92 says:

Is it a must to put in bell pepper? And can i substitute Shitake mushroom
into other types of mushroom?

Raynor9X9 says:

mmmm….food porn

Ellinor Wah says:

The slightly brown fish cake, is it the kind that is dried? I really want
to make this but I’m not sure what kind of fishcake it is~ Is it one that
you have to soak before?

lowBpigpig says:

This looks amazing.. Thank you

Cardigan Babe says:

Thank you~ I like how you prepare the sauce in advance and just mix into
the noodles – it is so much more convenient this way.

TheEpicandGuitar says:

2:34 Whoops! an onion fell…

faratina100 says:

Are those dried shitake mushrooms?

SUP3RBlTCH says:

this looks soo good πŸ˜€ but if i made it i would probly take out the fish
cake and pink stuf πŸ˜›

valnaples says:

Beautiful dish! For those who are skittish about the oil (me, for one) I
would suggest water-sauteing for the veggies…there really are NO healthy
oils, folks…especially if you have been diagnosed with
CardioVascularDisease (see Dr. Esselstyn’s “no oil!” video here on
youtube)…but this is a lovely video. Thank you!

Brandon Gagne says:

Love the music.

Trong VOBA says:

I am starving now

Kelly Nace says:

OMG dat looks sooooooo good! Born and raised in Hawai’i, but now in
Winnipeg, MB :/ my mom was Korean, she passed yrs ago–looks jus like she
used to make it. I wish I could grab some through my laptop!!! Brings back
memories, I can even smell it…Mahalo!

evernow P says:

It looks sooooo delicious!!! I’m gonna make it. Thanks it is the best video.

ZamosFreewyndsChild says:

This looks absolutely divine.

ahmad wamiq says:

hmmmmmmmm i m loving thank u dear

errolsad1212 says:

Before you mixed all the toppings into the noodle, you should try fry pan
the noodle first for a while in a low heat. The sauce will blend more into
the noodle, it will make the noodle more shinny.

506knots says:

@xXKittyDollXx πŸ™‚ It’s not dry food item. You can find this in the frozen
food section at any Asian grocery store. It is labeled as “O Deng” μ˜€λŽ… or
“ten-bu-ra” 덴뢀라 at the Korean grocery stores. They come in all different
sizes and shapes. Here’s another quick tasty fish cake recipe for you: Cut
fish cake into bite sizes then pan fry with little bit of cooking oil
(prefer sesame oil), soy sauce (1tsp), garlic power and then top it off
with toasted sesame seeds. Enjoy!!!

Cheon MJ says:

I think you don’t need to wash the noodle, because my mom always keep to
cook the Japche on the low heat

junkiego says:

thank you! i just prepared it! loved it!

506knots says:

@0HisQueen0 Fish cake was extra ingredient which I like to add it for my
taste, so you can easily omit the fish cake or substituting it with eggs
will fine…

oceaniaely says:

I made it two weeks ago and it was so delicious

Jessiie Amy says:

I eat Japchae. I’m Korean too. I don’t put spinach in mine.. But the rest
of the ingredients. It’s like my favourote food. Yum!

Y. Choi says:

pretty hands,,, πŸ™‚

kholoud5070 says:


oceaniaely says:

I made this dish and it was quite delicious. Making it again tonight.

AirCooledMan2006 says:

Is that fishcake even real fish?

Toinel Williams says:

wooeh !! meosineunde (:

506knots says:

@seprienna The idea is to pan fry all the cut up vegetables with about
table spoon of oil but for a health reason you like to skip the oil, I
don’t recommend that but you can significantly reduce the amount of oil or
you can use healthier oil such as olive oil or grape seed oil which carries
not only the, clean, light tasting but also has health benefits to increase
high density lipoprotein (HDL-C or “good cholesterol”).

Kathy Nguyen says:

where can i find the noodle?

Monina Clingaman says:


ninachan25 says:

We add baby corn or bamboo πŸ™‚ Yumm..

seprienna tan says:

is it ok for me to skip all the vegetables using stir-fry? I noticed there
is quite a lot oil used in this dish.

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