Korean Recipe: How to make Stir Fried Pork and Vegetables – Jeyukbokkeum -제육볶음

Video showing how to stir fry a pork and vegetable the Korean way. Doejibulgogi, Doejigogi Bokkeum, or Jeyukbokkeum. Enjoy!


Alvin lee says:

what leaf did she say it was? could anyone tell me?

Gray Fullbuster says:

Kimchi recipe

TheLadycapricorn87 says:

I’m literally drooling while watching and wishing I could eat it lol. I
want to try making it one day! ^_^

A Dass says:

OMG! ITS AMAZING! i made it and it taste awesome! 😀 two thumbs up!!!!

Nancy Hoang says:

How are you guys not constipated when you eat spicy food all the time 

aquecruzable says:

fantastic!!! thank you for your video i like it. :)

ChimuJin says:

I made this with thinly sliced beef instead and it was SO GOOD! (Do you
have a name for this dish but with beef instead?) Awesome recipe and really
easy too! 🙂

pawni24 says:

thanks! i saw your hot pepper paste recipe only later. thanks anyways! i
love your recipes.

miraxell says:

But isnt it hell of hot? you just added tons of hottest spices

pawni24 says:

Looks good and real spicy. And here I was , thinking Mexican and Indian
food were the spiciest.

Maangchi says:

Korean hot peppers. That’s what I use. Check out the ingredient section on
my website please. Hot pepper flakes and hot pepper paste.

pawni24 says:

When you say hot pepper do you mean chilli? Like red chillies?

Diana Florendo says:

does it really have to be sesame oil? can’t I use vegetable oil instead?
would the taste be different?

Maangchi says:

yes, that’s what I’m doing! Good luck with your Korean cooking!

studentinlearning says:

So, we are eating this recipe for lunch, and the night before a different
one. My daughter is a huge,huge, huge fan of yours!!! We visited the Korean
grocery store and stocked up. It is Korean for a full week or two (until we
run out of ingredients). Yummmmmm!

Moslim Broeder says:

Damn i hope i will ever get a woman who can cook that way :O

tenzin yeshi says:

Its really look yummy

Briiiiiian says:

The color is very intense! I love it!!!

Maangchi says:

haha, I’m so happy to hear that!

Bangerz0604 says:

i made this today and my husband and I were blown away… it was
AMAZING…thank u for the recipe!!!!

cmxx11 says:

Thank you for posting!! This is my favorite. I am going to impress my mom
with this next time she visit hehe. She use to pour a can of coke while it
was cooking

Maangchi says:

네, 공부 열심히 하시고 건강도 챙기세요. 제 레시피가 도움이 된다니 너무 기뻐요!

Maangchi says:

yay! I’m very happy to hear that!

TheSensation92 says:

캐나다에서 자취하는 대학생입니다 ^_^ 항상 많이 배우고 갑니다. 감사하고 좋은 하루되세요!

ebaywife77 says:

Made this for dinner tonight. So delicious:-) thanks for sharing this
recipe Maangchi.

claudia launer says:

What kind of leaves ?

Norman Vital says:

i think im falling in love with koeran cuisine

Maangchi says:

Thanks a lot! ^^

MrPookyboy says:

that looks so good, I can virtually smell it! well done! I know what I will
make for my christmas gathering… your knife handling skill is legendary.

youradmitted says:

Great knife skills, as well as cooking skills of course :+)

Maangchi says:

Thank you! 꾸벅! : )

유나 정 says:

여긴 베트남입니다. 자주 들러서 시원시원한 요리법 잘 보고 갑니다. 꾸벅.

Magar Sangam says:


yiffy addict says:

ur annonations are so corny lol

Ste Willo says:

That looks really tasty

Maangchi says:

awww! thanks a lot! Happy cooking!

Maangchi says:

yes, why not! Good luck with making spicy beef!

swekshya Gurung says:

I made it, it was soo good specially for people who love spicy food thanks
kang chi

leoisthebest99 says:

My sister doesn’t like pork, could I use beef instead?

swekshya Gurung says:


Jean Paul Quiamco says:


LocalSavour says:

looks delicious!

Matthew Newsom says:

That will entirely depend on several factors. 1: What/how much chili paste
you’re using. If you make your own, you can gauge the heat to your taste.
2: Amount of red chili flakes. 3: Whether or not you use that green chili.


I just found your channel and I love love looovvveee your channel
already… you dont just cook… you cook with humor…and the caption you
put up is funny…. I LOVE IT…new subbie

thrashmetalfiend says:

Holy moly does this look delicious. I gotta try my hand in making this and
the fried chicken recipe.

KarmixRazz says:

your knife skills are so impressive! did you go to culinary school?

Charwoman says:

Mmmm! Lookes VERY spicy, but I love spicy, I will try this!

thegaming plaza says:

I made this and it was delicious I probably should’ve used belly but my dad
said it was to fatty

Maangchi says:

Make it once in a while. : )

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