Korean Recipe: How to make a Spicy Korean Seafood Pancakes – Hae Mul Pa Jeon – 해물파전 ()

Video showing how to make a spicy Seafood Pancake with squid, clams and shrimp like they do in Korea. Enjoy!


Crazy Korean Cooking says:

How to make Hamulpajeon, Korean seafood pancake
See detailed recipe and ingredient list here:

Zulu Kim says:

Truly, I didn’t see the dance time coming. The end…LMAO!

tracey martin says:

Lmao you lady’s are to funny and great chefs I can’t eat can’t stop laughing

Crazy Korean Cooking says:

Hi Charlotte, for live clams salt water makes the clams open up and spit
out sands and other substances you do not want in them. For frozen fish, it
prevents osmosis, seawater seafood absorbing unsalted water. This results
in cellular breakdown and deterioration in taste and texture of the
product. To avoid this add enough salt to water to give it a sea taste. The
salt in the fish and in the water will then have similar saline content and
cellular breakdown will not occur.

Charlotte Toh says:

Hi, I am curious as to why salt water is used to melt the seafood, and not
just plain water?

babesmileus1 says:

i watched this in the morning, thanks for a good laugh at the end, just
makes my day, lols

Emily Yang says:


Joseph Genaro says:

I love Korean food. I loved Korea. Ate tons of Bibimbap. Wished I’d known
about this! I’m so making this tonight. Thanks ladies! The Korean people
were the nicest people I met in all my travels in Asia and the women were
all as beautiful as you two are. Thanks again!

humandisaster18 says:

Aw I’ve missed see your videos lately! lol Glad to see you’re back and
loved the Gangnam Style tribute. ^_^

rocknaomi says:

😀 i miss both of you! i wish you could make videos often 🙂

Crazy Korean Cooking says:

Thanks! Hope yours turned out good!

zipzapzoop says:

yum!!!!! one of my fav korean foods!!!!

Inachu Ikimasho says:

I want to have dinner with these girls! lol

flipgalrn says:

Great to see a new video from you! Looks amazing! Love the Gangnam style! 😉

Thomas N says:

That was awesome, girls! ;o)

Crazy Korean Cooking says:

Hi Thiago, we plan to start selling ingredients soon in a month or two. We
will try to you let you know here. But, the best way might be signing up
for email list on our crazykoreanshopping website. Is it hard to get
ingredients in Brazil?

kisetsuno says:

I loved your videos 😉 I’m Thiago. Let mee know about the itens for sale in
your site. I Want to buy hot pepper paste (gochujang) and flakes too.

megrimlockisking says:

two very pretty girls enjoying seafood pancakes, glad i subscribed!! 🙂

emoemoguyguy says:

what’s going on here?! i though you forgot about us

David Blum says:

I was at a Korean university festival (MT), and there was pancake contest
with the students and the students spelled the prof’s names in squid in the

kisetsuno says:

what’s your real names?

kisetsuno says:

Yes, a little bit! In my city is hard (Amazon), so, i need to use
ebay/paypal to buy korean itens hehe.

Crazy Korean Cooking says:

Hello Kisetsuno, Our real names are Grace and Stephanie. 🙂 What’ yours?

adrian humphreys says:

Wasn’t expecting the gangnam stylee at the end there…nice though..

coilness says:

Welcome back! 🙂

klaas barends says:

What took you so long?? 😉

Crazy Korean Cooking says:


gusy629 says:

For future video, could you please try not to eat in front of camera? It
makes me soo hungry. 😛

Chongmukwan HKD says:

love it

Crazy Korean Cooking says:

Sorry. Maybe time to cook? 🙂

Si Moon says:

WOW i’ve missed you two!! Great Video!!

megatron74 says:

Eating this on a rainy Friday night watching WWE Smackdown or Ghost

David Hall says:

Hey guys why can’t I watch on my iPad ?

Shameful26 says:

You ladies are great!…next video?

Faust 74 says:

Did not expect that…

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