Korean Recipe: How to make a Spicy Beef and Radish Soup – Daikon

Video showing how to make a spicy beef and radish soup like the Korean do it. Enjoy!


ViviKpop says:

you have ben in demark? :O

ViviKpop says:

noooooooo i livet here >_<

honeyfromthebee says:

They are closely related. Korean radish is usually just larger.

Fikki Hill says:

Maangchi πŸ™‚ Hello there… Is there a true difference between daikon and
korean radish? Taste, texture or just the name?

fomiz says:

Copehagen? Wow! You went to Europe? Amazing! I’m so jealous! LOL. Once
again your quick recipe has helped me avoided the takeout food. I will be
cooking this for my meal instead. You are the real deal. Love you! x

Munawwarah Amsor says:

i love it! maangchi, can you do any jumuluk recipes? i really want to make
one. thanks

doctormean says:

@kemogirl91 try asiakauf.com and koreashop.nl (dutch only)

MyTube22T says:

LOL she’s so cute! and a good cook too.

niviob says:

I would like to know her vegan recipe!

naokyuuketsuki064 says:

ummm i know the name of this soup is radish and beef soup but if i couldn’t
find any radish can i use potatoes or jicama instead? would it taste nice ?

LadyAceKitchen says:

μ•ˆλ…•ν•˜μ„Έμš” Maangchi! I love your channel. We are exact opposites…you make
Korean food in America and I make American (and other Western) food while
living in Korea. I love so much of the food here, but I never know how to
make it. You’ve made it much easier for me!

Maangchi says:

Nice meeting you! Good luck with your Korean cooking!

Xanda says:

hahahaha ahh I can’t stop laughing at the end blooper hahaha x’DD Lovely
recipe once again Maangchi! <3

riphaven says:

Love your videos. I can’t wait to make this soup. Thank you:-)

salinaz5000 says:

just watching korean drama making this type of soup n its already here πŸ™‚

Maangchi says:

@kimchee80 I have already posted the recipe! Check out the recipe section
on my website.

senmingy says:

a new recipe!!

Maangchi says:

yay the recipe is online! Check it out and read my travel story if you
want. Happy happy cooking everybody!

Luna An says:

@Maangchi Oh that’s so sweet! I thought they were just randoms who were
there for the free food. Now I wish I was there, to meet you, not for the
free food, tho that’s a plus too πŸ˜‰

wednesdayblues88 says:

its so heartwarming to see people of all races and nationalities coming
together, talking and eating together, and all happy.. thanks maangchi for
bringing korean cooking closer to us people from all over the world, and
putting smiles on our faces! may u be blessed always :))

ParkLeeNa says:


doctormean says:

@niviob @LisaDeeCanada the recipe for vegan kimchi is the same as
maangchi’s but without the fish sauce. here is the recipe for a substitute
that i use instead: slice an onion in half, add it to a pot with a kelp
leaf about the size of your palm and dried shiitakes in 2 cups water. bring
to a boil. once it’s cooled, strain the mix into a container. throw away
the onion and kelp, but save the mushrooms for another dish. add soy sauce
to the mix until it tastes as salty as fish sauce.

MyCassiopia says:

thanks so much for what you do. I’m American and I live in korea with my
korean husband so your videos are like a gift from God.

jhwang97 says:

I’m using fish cakes instead of beef… I hope it turns out well! 0.o

Maangchi says:

I’m working on my website now. The written recipe will be posted soon.
Thank you for your nice comments!

srainy says:

@srainy also maangchi, how easy was shopping for asian ingredients was in
copenhagen? it’s not so easy, here where in my city, although it used to be
worse a couple of years ago!

aliceisms says:

I’ve just recently been following your videos, so this was the first video
I saw of your haircut. It looks great!! I love watching your cooking, too πŸ™‚

fasdr says:

I have home made hot pepper flakes but they are so hot i start sneezing
when i open the bag and when i put even a pinch in a 1kg food it’s so hot
it’s no edible… πŸ˜€

AZ says:

and hot pepper paste

Rose Berri says:

@SuperYaoiQueen I mean recommend some websites

Maangchi says:

I use hot pepper flakes in most of my dishes. Hot pepper powder is used to
make hot pepper paste. Check out the photos in the ingredient section on my
website. ο»Ώ

tkaa tkaa says:

wow, i think you have too much fun their ^_^

luticia says:

Do u know all ur recipes by heart???? I always have to look in my book
while cooking.

petchylovesunday says:

fish sauce from Thailand πŸ™‚ ha ha ha very good

granako says:

Enjoyed your video… thanks for sharing:)!

cheskydivision says:

Maangchi you looked like you really enjoyed this trip.

Kennylol says:

Come to Norway!:)

doctormean says:

@kemogirl91 you can buy them at chinatown market on reventlowsgade 24. it’s
by the central station in copenhagen. sorry, but i’m not sure where you can
buy it in other cities… you can buy them online though.

AZ says:

jubbi my country. πŸ˜€ <3 where do you get hot pepper flakes and hot pepper
her in denmark

Luna An says:

lol that’s a lot of people, who are they? do they just come for the free
food or something?

ChineseHealthyCook says:

Good soup for cold weather. Very homey.

shawnio says:

she seemed nervous, you looked wonderful as usual πŸ™‚

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