Korean Recipe: How to make Spicy Barbeque BBQ Pork – Dwaejibulgogi – 돼지불고기

Video showing how to make a fantastic spicy barbeque pork like they do in Korea. Enjoy!


Morning says:

what type of lettuce is that? i have never seen lettuce that crisp before.

Eddy Mulya says:


Growtopia GMROW says:

cookwith platpan better!

Joe Chun says:


Dalai_lama says:

dear Maangchi what’s the difference between dwaeijibulgogi anf Jaeyook

Yna Lopena says:

I also made that and it is soooo yummy

fuckyeahellessy says:

i made this the other day with kimchiguk, my boyfriend loves it so much
thank you Maangchi ! i also made kimchijeon ,omg it was really yummy, i
shared it with my roommates and they all loved it 😀
i love your videos ! keep it up !
and thank you so much xx

grimTales1 says:

Can you bake or fry it? Thanks!

Utsusemi says:

itz deliciouz

iCandyCatastrophe says:

Can you bake it?

Maangchi says:

I think chicken will work well. Good luck with your Korean cooking.

Ionic Benton says:

hello Maangchi 🙂 i came over on your channel and yes i subscribed of
course . you do yummiee dishes . 🙂 my question is if i can do this same
dish with beef or chicken ? will that still have a similar taste ? or does
the porc play a special role for the taste ? greetings from Luxembourg 🙂

Briiiiiian says:

I LOL’d when maangchi pulled out the beer, she rocks!!!

socratesthecabdriver says:


Maangchi says:

Good luck with your Korean food party!

nabeena s says:

Hi maanghi I love your every videos and they was so yummy and I love korean
food because of you thank you maanghi and tommarow we have food party bye
Nabeena sulaiman

Kinga Urb says:

Look so delicious .. must try this !!

knuckles545 says:

Yes I love ur Crown, ur Queen ^^

Maangchi says:

Good luck with your Korean food party tomorrow!

HoneyRiderCortes says:

Hi maangchi, greetings from holland. I have just prepared this dish for
tomorrow evening. It is the n-th time I am making this and each time it is
a great hit. So thakn you for this great recipe. I totally love korean
cooking because of you. What I did actually is make also a mix of ginger,
garlic and chilipeppers, so it is easier to scoop…..

Maangchi says:

maggi soy sauce is delicious. If it’s too bland for you, add more hot
pepper paste or soy sauce. Happy cooking!

s3brin3 says:

Hi Maangchi, I finished making the spicy pork but it seems like the meat
taste a little bland. Is it because I am not putting enough of soy sauce? I
use maggi soy sauce, I wasn’t sure which one to use. And I used honey
instead of rice syrup. It smells good, but taste needs more of something.
Thanks Maangchi.

Maangchi says:

Nice meeting you! Happy cooking!

TF135Sierra2Xray says:

I love your videos! I spent a year in Tongduchon, and absolutely love
Korean food. Happy to have a resource here on YouTube where I can learn to
cook it myself.

Liera Grace King-Vigilia says:

do you have a recipe for the chili paste?

cRazydream29 says:

wish I can cook like you -I love korean food

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