Korean Recipe: How to make a Soybean Sprout Soup with Anchovies – Kongnamulguk – 콩나물국

Video showing how to make a soybean sprout soup with anchovies like they do in Korea. Enjoy!


Dong Ding says:

bloody annoying video advertisement!

Michelle De La Rosa says:

I can’t wait to make this soup, but can I use anchovy filets instead of
dried anchovies?

viciousbee says:

ooooo this looks so delicious! I’m going to try making a spicy vegetarian
version. thanks so much!

jagemobe says:

Just Like Heaven instrumental in the beginning (The Cure) made my day – and
now I’m off to make this dish – thanks!!!

Maangchi says:

Check out “dried pollock soup” video, too. Your hangover will be cured. :
) BTW, don’t drink too much! lol

Kpopmum62 says:

Great for a hangover????? Yes I must make this next time I have too much to
drink the night before! Thank you!

pini2k says:

Thank you so much, Maangchi! I absolutely love barley. I’m going to give
this a try 🙂

honeyfromthebee says:

Kelp just adds umami, which the anchovies do in the non-vegetarian version.
It just gives it that extra something.

Achmad Alfian Anshori says:

its actually like “lontong balap”(an indonesian food), exept its has no

Maangchi says:

You can make barley rice with a regular pot. 1 cup short grain rice (sushi
rice), 1 cup of barley Combine rice and barley to a pot and wash and drain
a couple of time. Drain the rice. Add 2½ cups of water and cover. Set aside
for 30 minutes. Bring it to a boil over medium high heat for about 8-10
minutes until it boils. Stir with a spoon a few times. Covered. Cook
another 20 minutes over low heat to simmer. Open the lid and fluff the rice
with a spoon. Eat it! : )

pini2k says:

Hi Maangchi! I saw the rice you ate with your 콩나물국. I think I heard you say
once that it was “barley rice.” Can you make a video on how to prepare it?
Do you need a rice cooker? I don’t have one yet, but I might get one in the
future. Thank you in advance…and please keep sharing your delicious
recipes with us! 🙂

Cherish Adventure says:

I love soup. It’s my comfort food. Can I put in bean paste instead of the
red pepper?

scarletwater says:

Looks so tasty AND healthy 😀

LeeceLiv says:

thank you for making this video I love this soup!

originalpersiankitty says:

maangchi what is that rice you put in the soup? I am going to make this
next week and the way you eat it looks so delicious.

dudayRN says:

that looks sooo good.. i’m quite hesitant to eat spicy foods though but boy
would i like to try your recipes. love your show Ms. Maangchi.

Maangchi says:

@mlauntube awesome! Happy cooking!

BurningDeepFlame says:

I only watched the first 30 or something seconds so far but, when I heard
her start saying hang over I started laughing! It’s a good thing, nothing
bad though! Lol, less than a minute into a video about cooking and …Ahhh!
Ahaha, thanks for the tip! ; ) Yeah, soup helps with that stuff. Thanks for
this recipe, I’ve been looking for it all over!!

mia mah says:

spicy one looks more delicious!!! thanks.. wanna try it ^^

Maangchi says:

great news!

Maangchi says:

@booterstownie : ) yummy! kongnamulbap. Kongnamul is soybean sprouts. Happy

mlauntube says:

I got my son (the college boy) making the spicy one right now. A nice
simple dish for him to get used to cooking.

MeowMixCunt says:

it is so cute that your recipe is playing to robert smith

Jennifer Poteet says:

What is the song that is playing? The cure?

Amelia Luna says:

@rainieyangrocks Use Kombu. The japanese version called Kombu is the same
thing. You can buy it at asianfoodgrocer 🙂 just search Kombu, the 4oz bag
for 3 dollars and change is the best bargain :).

Maangchi says:

yes, you could use it, but don’t forget dashi powder contains MSG.

fruitygumball says:

One of my favorite food and music!

Benjamin Deal says:

I think it is so funny you forget your being filmed…I laugh every time!!!
I enjoy watching you and learning from you!! I think spicy of coarse, it
makes it taste that much better.

Sum mur says:

its multigrain rice!

syedisa says:

hi maangchi! I made this using soybeans sprouts along with soft tofu and
clams and it tastes great! my sisters enjoy it a lot!

martymor69 says:

4:07 nice smile !

Maangchi says:

ty ty!

kylie richard says:

I have try make this,its easy and yummy 😀

esel161297 says:

Hi, it’s really a good n simple way to prepare morning soup for my family.


콩나물 맛있어요^^

ForeverSweetx3 says:

안녕하세요~! I just made 콩나물국! 진짜 맛있어요~! 감사합니다~! I did not have the Red Pepper
flakes, so I chopped up some Jalapenos and it was just as delicious. Thank
you again, Maangchi~! <3

pipepippook says:

i love your videos! made me laugh that u forgot that u were supposed to
show the non-spicy version. hahha lol i’m gonna make this tomorrow for
lunch since i made the kkakdugi, but i’m still gonna go get the yeolmu.
this is angela, same as happydot, same with pipepippook. hehe 😉

booterstownie says:

OK, thanks, Maangchi. I also can’t wait to make the Kamnamul bap! Watching
you eat it made me sooo hungry. Thanks and can’t wait for the next video of
your Gapshida!

ZarathuPower says:

I am about to make the soup for the family. Boy, am I glad to find the
video showing how to make it. Thanks! I found out that using sissors to be
real handy removing the end part, and listening to classical music lessen
the frustration while I remove all the tail part cut off.

wealtz says:

@Maangchi – is it the same soy bean paste used here the one you used in “LA
galbi” as condiment?

Yen Nguyen says:

um, hi. i was wondering can you just use normal bean sprouts? thanks and
keep up the good work :]

oishitomoro says:

AW i love her.

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