Korean Recipe: How to make a Shrimp, Scallop and Vegetable Pancake – Yachaejeon

Video showing how to make a Korean pancake (fritter) with shrimp, scallop and vegetables. Enjoy!


Jennifer Novak says:

can you add meat like pork or turkey or beef?

ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo0 says:

I made a similar thing with, green onions, shredded potato, mushroom,
surimi and crispy chow mein noodle :P

Izyani Nabila says:

wow! that’s really simple and it looks yummy :)

blinkofaneye2soon says:

looks delicious and that was an amazing flip! AWESOME!

Maangchi says:

It’s all purpose flour. Check out the recipe on my website, please.

mrtimid clise says:

can i ask something?what type of flour is it that you used?

Dylan A. Kent says:

One plate – $20! *lol* 1.) Do you recommend a particular knife brand? 2.)
Why do you use a single portable cooktop instead of the stove top? 3.) Do
you recommend any cook top brand? Thank you!

daniel floyd says:

Oh my. This Mama can cook 🙂

Darian Chu says:

she just flipped that pancake like it was nothing, hahaha

Maangchi says:

You are awesome because you made this for your son’s Korean friend! “We
just ate them later” haha!

miyubail says:

Hi Maangchi. This is very similar to Japanese Okonomiyaki with a different
inspiration. I will try it. Looks so yummy. BTW I made my Kimbap yesterday
and my son’s Korean friend loved it although I totally forgot to roll
together fried egg strips. We just ate them later, ha ha Thanks for
wonderful recipes.

lgw88 says:

it’s like okonomiyaki… i love it

Maangchi says:

I’m so happy to hear that your kkakdugi is delicious! Great news!

mstoffeefloss says:

I love you maangchi! I just made mattang and the spicy pork stir fry (but
with chicken) and emergency cabbage kimchi!

John K says:

You are good! Fun to watch, too.

Maangchi says:

@adyyy22 Thank you very much. Yes, chopped calamari can be used. I have
bunch of camera people: my readers, neighbors, family, and sometimes I hire
an expert. Thank you for your compliment.

CatAstaire says:

4:19 You are amazing!

Tagojen says:

Serving size lol. My dad eats these like 5 at a time. Sadly once my parents
pass, delicious food like this may be lost to me. Also, kimchi makes these
better. But the smell has been known to throw off my American friends. Oh
well, more for me. 🙂

SuperSeaCucumber says:

wow thanks for this video! you’re always so cute when you cook. my korean
friend makes this for me sometimes but she adds curry powder. it’s so

Ting Yi says:

Thanks Maangchi. I will make this pancake as soon as i get all the
ingredients 🙂 Have a good day! Cheers 🙂

Maangchi says:

@khong2007 yes, you can add any type of vegetables you like. Good luck with
making delicious yachaejeon!

Maangchi says:

@0p0a0s4 awesome!

blessedmommy73 says:

@maycomet where is this recipe? I can’t find it on her page…

MsPapi87 says:

Great! Easy recipe! Thank you! ^.^

Len Kagamine says:

Is it okay if we keep the seafood whole and not chop it? 🙂

Bradley Brown says:

What was the sauce, soy and what?

blinkofaneye2soon says:

awesome flip Maangchi!! very simple and im sure it tasted lovely!

Manee Tee says:

OMG! the flip is AWESOME!

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