Korean Recipe: How to make Napa Cabbage Kimchi

Video showing how to make a simple Korean napa cabbage kimchi. Enjoy!


Brendan Davis says:


jonah reyes says:

true, you work so fast… 

Islame Dhibou says:


bigoledude1 says:

The first time I made kimchi, I couldn’t find rice flour. So, I ran some
rice through my little coffee grinder and, made the porridge with that
powdered rice. It came out perfect. I also add an Asian pear to my
porridge in place of granulated sugar. This old Cajun also adds more onion
and garlic. Imagine that! The Korean pepper flakes that Mangchi uses is
not very hot at all. It has a very delicious flavor though and, I use a
lot of it. But, I add a little ground-up, dried Thai peppers to my
kimchi. A great big bag of the dried peppers is only 4 bucks. I’ve
purchased kimchi in every Asian market that I know of in this area. Mine
is superior in every way. Without Maangchi’s recipe, I never would have
tried making my own. Thank you so much!

Jennifer Aligam says:


Jonnafe Lozano says:

hi, can you please make a recipe, 3 cabbage for a kimchi. I wanted to try
it, please thank you

MySL88 says:

looks super delicious 😀 !! i dont have korean hot pepper flakes, can i use
regular red chilli powder instead? if yes how much of it ?

SweetPurpose says:

Is it okay if we don’t use squid? Will it taste the same? 

Tammy Park says:

Mrs Obama likes KIMCHI as well

Keurin Meow says:

yummy kimchi yaaaaaaaaaaaay

lsesshoumaruU says:

any idea where to buy fish sauce? i couldnt find them in korean store!

Richie Hariuchi says:

I’ve watched this video five times. I can almost taste it. YUMMY!!!


can i just use2 napa cabbage ?

Jennifer Aligam says:

You inspire me to make great Kim hi 🙂 it looks amazing! 

ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo0 says:

I made kimchi with Napa cabbage today! I can’t wait until it’s ready 🙂
I’ve put salt, sugar, water, garlic, onion, fish sauce, cayenne pepper
flakes, green onions and carrot. I don’t have sweet rice flour, I wonder
if cornstarch is good… 

M Latour says:

This must be the 5th time I’ve watched this video. I made my second batch
of kimchi following this recepie (with variations from other kimchi videos
like puree apple and pear instead in place of some of the sugar, oysters
instead of squid). In Australia we can hardly find authentic kimchi for
sale, so its best to make our own. Thanks Maangchi!

Ello M Skrilla says:

WOW! I never heard of Kimchi until today and Miss Maangchi has prepared it
so well that I want to taste this as soon as possible. I’m not even a fan
of squid and this video made me want to eat a whole bowl by
myself….gimmie gimmie gimmie, Kamichi that is! (^_^)b 

sherly stephanie says:

I kept asking my mom if we can try making kimchi, and she told me to find
out how. Today I showed this video to her and she wants to make kimchi too!
Thank you for the recipe <3 Oh, will it taste different if I omit the squid
and 파? Because I really can't eat 파, but I still can stand onions and
garlics so I probably have to omit it :(

Hilary Hayes says:

I just made kimchi with one cabbage using this recipe! (minus the squid,
didn’t have time to salt it)
Going to make beef and radish soup and rice and have an amazing supper!

AntWorld says:

Hi Maangchi, I bought Mak Kimchi at my local super market and it tasted
very sweet… It was also called Mak Kimchi and I allowed it to stay in my
fridge for about 2 weeks. Still sweet. Do you know how I can make it taste
more sour? Should I add more salt to solve this problem? Thanks.

Jack Hammer says:

Is it possible to make the same dish using such cabbage(look at the
attached image)?


Alexis Cates says:

Hi maangchi, can i use plain flour instead of sweet rice flour?

Elle Bee says:

I love your recipes! I’ve used this recipe a few times and it’s always
delicious. In fact, I just made some tonight 😉 thanks for sharing! Can’t
wait to try all of your other recipes. I’m a fan of Korean food!

ncnola1 says:

Maangchi, my kimchi doesn’t taste the same as at restaurants or grocery
stores. I don’t add porridge or squid. I saw other videos on how to make
this, they suggest adding salted little shrimp. Would this help? What am I
doing wrong? :(

Keurin Meow says:

can i skip the radish??:D

valkyrie1140 says:

can i use our native radish here cause i cant find Korean radish here in
Phil :/

Lamourlady says:

How long does the kimchi sit and does it sit outside the fridge?

Athecubus says:

you do it soo good!

TheWhiteRabbitify says:

I never thought that I could make Kimchi but after watching your video it
made me think that I should try!

PinkRose Rosales says:

what dose it taste like , sorry I don’t know but i’m interested in it since
i watch Kdrama 

Shin KWorld says:

+Steve Bennet
Kimchi – Everybody loves Kimchi. Kimchi is good for diet and protect you
from Obesity and Sars. 

JuggaloCujo says:

I love your video! Thank you!

777LoveStory says:

How long in the fridge does it need to be for it to be fermented?

exosaranghae yo says:

r u from Busan ?

Jack Leach says:

will adding a little saracha sauce render the cabbage fermentation process
unproductive?(it has vinegar as an ingredient)

lambyiii says:

i’ve watched this video over a dozen times over the past year or so. it’s
fun to watch you cook, maangchi :D

Robert Sparling says:

I have read that Koreans all want a Kimchi refrigerator so they can store
their kimchi at the right temperature. What is the right temperature?

Robert Sparling says:

When I make kimchi with 1 head, I don’t use the flour filling. I use one
onion about 6 cloves of garlic and ginger about the half the size of your
thumb, and powdered chili peppers (not cayenne) . I make it pasty by adding
water. Then I add most of a bunch of scallions, Sometimes I will add
radish, sometimes not. This should all fit into a 1 and 1/2 quart mason
jar, but certainly it will fit in a 2 quart jar. Pack it tightly into the
bottom of the jar.

Robert Sparling says:

If you buy it from the market in a jar, it is probably made a different way
than this is. She is doing Lacto-Fermentation. Stuff you buy in a store is
probably heat processed. When you get done making this, let it sit on the
counter for 3 to 7 days, then put it in the fridge for a month or so. If
you leave it out at room temp it will get sour.

Olmahon Nurieva says:

What is the purpose flour?

Lilian Parreiras Martins says:

which kind of fish sauce do you use? because I saw there is two kinds of
fish sauce, 멸치 액젓 and 까나리 액젓? My kimchi will taste different depending on
the different sauce I use? One more question: after I open a bottle of fish
sauce, the sauce can last for a long time? Thank you! ^^

Hygge09 says:

Thank you for this tutorial! How quickly will the kimchi be ready from that
smaller bowl that you are not going to refrigerate?

Maangchi says:

yes, you can. good luck!

Idris Traje says:

hi can i use iodized salt for salting the cabbage?

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