Korean Recipe: How to Make Marinated Fresh Crabs in Soy Sauce – Ganjang Gejang – 간장게장

Video showing how to make a great Korean delicacy with fresh crab marinated overnight in soy sauce based broth. Enjoy!


jm oh says:

When you boil soysauce you can add some soju or vodca. Yumyum

Mai See Vue says:

What can I use to substitute dried kelp and rice syrup?

DonkeyBlonkey28 says:

Omg… my 할머니 would make some really killer ganjang-gejang. I love the roe
in the shell mixing it with the rice. Makes it very creamy and delicious!

Amanda Lee says:

Maanchi! Please teach us how to make yangnyeom gejang too! 

Nhat Luu says:

Why didn’t you clean them before you open them? Wouldn’t it be easier to do
it this way?

Monnie Cazzal says:

Maangchi i love korean food,.,i made korean fried chicken,.,loved it,.,if
possible can u upload a video all about hanjeongsik,.love ur videos,.,keep
on uploading more,.anniyo

Jin Park says:

U remind me my auntie

Jasmine Hwang says:

Delicious! I just died a little in the inside…

Matthew Kee says:


Rochelle Noir says:

I’m craving for this and would love to make this crab dish, but can’t find
live crabs here. Can i use a frozen crab instead? Thanks!

xxLadyMystraxx says:

Rice thief!

Datzekerniet4 says:


ignitedASMR says:

Delicious maangchi!!!! My favorite recipe of yours 🙂 please more raw
recipes ♥♥

funnyting2 says:

wow! that look so gooood! can you please send me some? hehe

MsTigerseye77 says:

That’s a $100 dinner! 🙂

Miu Yamaguchi says:

Wow i eat raw fish but i’m still really afraid to eatt raw crabs Lol steam
crabs are okay xD

disinformatique says:

Maangchi I have a request, can you please a short video telling the most
important, common and optional ingredients and stuff to have in a korean
kitchen? Please include spices, herbs, sauces, curries, pastes etc etc.

gutholmj says:

Usually marinate for two to three days and they use female crab for eggs in
crab. I used to eat this all the time. Thank you for the recipe.

Ryan Smith says:

Looks amazing. Wow.

christinahaneolkim says:

와안전맛잇어보여요 ㅜ ㅜ 저는 캐나다사는데 혼자살아서 한국음식이 그리워지네요 ㅜ ㅜ

raman Larkin says:

Maangchi, how long will the crabs last in the fridge? Does it taste better
with age or should we eat them as quickly as possbile? Thanks in advance!

Andrew Yi says:

because they have the goods (the ovaries). my mother makes this

rorin303 says:

i went to korean restaurant a year ago they gave us side dish raw crab
,,but it taste like kimchi spicy and soooo good would you please make clip
how to make it ,,,thank you so much

Suhyun Lee says:

Doesn’t raw crab carry parasites? My mom made this a day ago and I’m really
scared that my family will get the parasites.

mummychin31 says:

Hi I have eaten raw marinated shrimp in 1 of the korean restaurant here
philippines and I really like it but I don’t know how to make is the same
process of the raw marinated crab? And how you call it in korean. Thanks I
really like your show

gregorio luna says:

Make orange chicken

superjoe pez says:

woot woot Maangchi, i love your show and im really happy you used blue
crap. Coming from someone who grew up on the chesapeake bay, I love that
you used the best crap in the US. The chesapeake is also known for its
eels. I love eel, do you have any good recipes with eel? PS i noticed that
you used all female crabs, is there a reason for that?

Maangchi says:

wow, your taco sounds very delicious!

revheavygandpinto says:

Maangchi I would love to see your take on Korean street Tacos! I live in
Los Angeles and Korean street Tacos are really big Down here! I make my
version with Skirt steak marinated in Home made Korean BBQ sauce toped off
with a cilantro, onion, kimchi relish shredded napa cabbage and served with
a tomatillo Gochujang salsa and drizzled with sesame seed oil

iu kfty says:

맛있겠다 ㅎㅎㅎㅎ 간장게장 ^^

수빈 김 says:

Please 한입만요!!!!!

ellimax143 says:

Hi Maangchi, i have a question about this dish. Can you marinate the crabs
for more than 24 hours? Will it taste better if you marinate it longer than
24 hours?

Sora Park says:

I kind of have a phobia of eating raw crabs after my dad marinated them in
dark soy sauce and dried red chilli. Cause afterwards I drank this detox
tea my dad made (stupid me) and I had diarrhea for 2 days. But it’s still
delicious and the raw crabs you made looks delicious too !

infinitenutella says:

looks delicious!

지수 양 says:

That looks really good 0()0 Can you make a video on yangneum gaejang too?

Peter Lai says:

Should you scrub and wash the crabs before you break them apart? It seems
like you’ll be washing away all the good stuff after you’ve separated it.

harriespepper says:

But it’s raw?

pimmmms says:

Where i am from ( Thailand) we use fish sauce to marinate our crabs and top
them with generous amounts of spicy and sour (seafood sauce). Marinated Raw
Crabs is my all time favourite dish! I’d love to try Korean version of
yours as well, by just looking at the dish my mouth is drooooolinggggggg :p
yum yum! Thanks for sharing Maangchi, you rock as always

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