Korean Recipe: How to Make a Korean White Radish Salad – Musaengchae – 무생채

Video showing how to make Musaengchae a Korean salad with white radish and other vegetables. Enjoy!


snooopysgirl says:

Can you do a video on how to make pepper flake and black bean oil sauce !!
Please 🙂

Laura Elrod says:

i love this i miss it when i was living in Korea i had some yesterday i was
in heaven

Stephanie B says:

can I use 고추장 instead of hot pepper flakes??

Our Homestead Dream says:

Can i just say that I absolutely love you? lol These recipes are amazing
and i cant wait to try them. Im going to the city this sunday and wish i
had more money(Im getting some geese and maybe some ducks this weekend so
not sure if I can go get supplies yet). Im making a special trip up to the
city to get some supplies from the korean store I used to shop at before I
moved to the country. Im sure they will be happy to hear of someone looking
to make korean food.I was always making Japanese then!

Vincentsmom27 says:

is korean radish the same as daikon? can I substitute if its not?

Maangchi says:

@bebemello yes, it is, but you can use other types of vinegar, too.

homikanu says:

olah! i’ve been watching a lot of your videos lately and i made ddukbokki a
while ago… so happy with i! i can cook for my friends already! yehey!
anyway, for this salad can i use any vinegar? like sugar cane vinegar?…
we sell a lot of korean radish so it would be really nice if i could
prepare them so that we won’t to go to restaurants to eat radish…
hehehe… good day to you always!

greg jackson says:

Makes my mouth water! Can’t wait to try this, thank you so much. So easy
and really can be served with other dishes that are French, Italian,
American, Japanese, Thai – anything, really. Oh, and your pork buns are
soooo gooood. 🙂 Thank you for making it much easier than it seems.

koigreen says:

Love the song. I love Clazziquai. And as always, I love your food. 😀

phoenix3430 says:

thanks so much,i tried this and ate it with grilled fish,it was sooo
good,tho I iadded another 1/2 ts of sugar +1/2 ts vinegar keep posting,
love your recipes,God bless

KMWAN2000 says:

@TheMitman01 i’m not mangchi but a korean,,, you can use mushroom or kelp
instead. vegetarian oyster sauce is good choice too.

banneth says:

Yum yum yum!!

eiightoheiight says:

i love your videos!

sleepzagirl says:

is it possible to use hot pepper paste instead of hot pepper flakes?

Maangchi says:

@jUniooOr1987 yes, you can. Of course! Good luck with making delicious

Bccaundefined says:

^___^ This looks like happy nom noms.

wednesdayblues88 says:

@Maangchi thanks to maangchi, i found out about clazziquai early this yr
and i love it!!!

lenalgo says:

I like your style

Maangchi says:

yes, you can.

keeneyeng1 says:

Maangchi I LOOOOVE your videos… everything about them, the music, the way
you explain , the camara shots …everything….I’m even learning a bit of
korean…. THANKS SO MUCH!!

buddyd007 says:

i would love to try this dish

nvnxoxo says:

I went to a korean bbq place and I saw a side dish similar to this. Could
this be what they served me? It was very sweet and I loved it!

Christie N says:

Hey maangchi! I saw at the korean grocery store a product called acorn
jelly. What the heck is it and do you know what it tastes like?

lawrencesalemme says:

Reminds me of my aunt making giant batches of assorted Korean foods..
Brings me back, gotta love it

Maangchi says:

Let me know how yours turns out. yum! : )

sjiamw says:

whats song is it in the background?

TheNgocKnock says:

Can You Tell Me The Song And Artist ? I Love It Thanks

superstealthy says:

i love clazziquai!! and also adore the little animation in the beginning!
🙂 I also wanted to thank you for the recipe for the rice, i can’t wait to
try to make it!

DG Class says:

oh my god! delicious food plus alex’s voice (*o*) the best combination

Maangchi says:

awesome news!

santacuty says:

Great! As always!!!!! 🙂

clayto1332 says:

Looks amazing! I wish I could chop like you 🙂

Meghan Gardner says:

I’m making this tomorrow. Thank you, Maangchi. I have made many of your
dishes. I should show them to you someday. I have a short video of my
soondubu on my channel if you’ve seen! 🙂

saraur2cute says:

Maangchi you rock!!!

梁子強 량자강 says:

This is delicious. You guys have to make this one day!

homikanu says:

woah! that was fast! tnx tnx! gonna prep this tomorrow for a reunion!
korean food is now widely loved by filipino taste palate.. kkk… hope you
tried some of our local cuisine here in the philippines when you came…
good day to you always!

SD Rachel says:

Hello again Maangchi!^_^ My name is Hyeon-Jin So and i’m 21 years old in
Korean age. I’m your big fan @ Seoul. I’m so happy and interested in all
your video. I really envy your editing skills perfect cook. Anyway, I
recently started my first video but it is too difficult to appeal to
publics.. Have a wonderful day and thanx for your beautiful video. : )

Maangchi says:

@jonahhervs22 yay! : )

pooldige says:

it likes kimchi radish.

Stephen McKenzie says:

I can not even tell you how much I love watching your cooking show. I have
learned so much and the recipes are great. Love watching you taste at the
end. Wish I could join you!!!

Ida Bear says:

Love it! Thanks for sharing

mayyong333 says:

thanks maangchi! I really like the “let’s review” part – v handy reminder
to add all the ingredients!

An Vaj says:

how long can you store this in the ref.?

maycomet says:

I love your cooking style!! You are so fantastic!

mouthsweet says:

ahhhhhhhhh you’re the best :)<3

jdoggaydog says:

Wow, no sesame oil??? hahaha! Looks delicious 😀

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