Korean Recipe: How to Make Korean Fried Chicken – Yangnyeom Tongdak

Video showing how to make a Korean fried chicken. Enjoy!


Vaughan Pagano says:

made me hungry wish i could make this 

KPopsicleSNSD says:

i just made it, it was really delicious 🙂
it kindof reminded me of general tso chicken, but more subtle, less
agressive (and better)
i though that amount of gochujang would make it spicy but it wasnt, so if u
want spicy put more.

lee joy says:

Your fried chicken are very tasty. You’re an Excellent CHEF in the world!!!
THanks for sharing your great cooking skill! V. admire YOU!

Dan Oostra says:

Amazing… Just made 10lbs of your mak kimchi… I love this dish and will
make it often.

keshunna boxley says:

oh gosh looks sooo soo sooo good!!!!! ^^

rosenmarie norva says:

I loved spicy food and my bet is korean food so delicious ever!

Monateaches says:

I love everything about this lady. Thank u so much. 

1563ckg43 says:

I made ji-gae today. I think I will try your jajangmyeon with gouk-sou
this week sometime gam sa hap ni da & ahn young hee gae se yo Charles

Nicole E says:


hanasanchezs says:

Maangchi, thank you so much. I’ve tried the recipe and it turned so so well
everybody loves the chicken. They requested often :)

Ashley donanova says:

Oh my god! I am in love with you ! hehe I been in college for a couple
months now and I moved back home, and all I have been doing is cooking for
my family.

joseph santos says:

thank you for sharing your recipe. I followed it and I make yummy KFC for
our party…

CuteCatFaith says:

Thanks! I have learned various Asiatic cooking techniques since the ’80s
and I really need it here in France, cuz the Asiatic food tends to be so
disappointing! Twice- and thrice-cooked foods usually have an added
dimension, and I love sweet and sour and somewhat spicy things. Thanks for
demystifying one of these crunchy, stimulating fried dishes for me! I see
some ingredients there I have been meaning to get anyway, so now I know
what to add to my list for the next trip to the specialty store. Greetings
from Paris via the USA! Uprated, and I subscribed, too.

WonGeun Kim says:


barış ümütçü says:

looking nice :)

Amar Ali says:

Thanks allot it is soooo delishas im from kuwait it is my favert racipe

Hyewon Lee says:

I feel hommmmme

Nabila Idros says:

Hye greetings from Malaysia. Its hard to find rice syrup and pepper paste
here. But what i did was i replaced them with honey and chilli paste and it
turned out fantastically delicious ! Thanks for the recipe. I love it :D

Athecubus says:

is it weird i added grape jam and substitute the ketchup for sriracha and
Korean BBQ sauce?

Elvis Kastoria says:


geomichael1 says:

Creative sauce idea

Izyani Nabila says:

We use honey in malaysia and we this dish ayam madu :] that looks really
delicious. Thumbs up maangchi

provanost says:


Charanjeet Singh says:

you are looking very Pretty

Aya OG says:

Better than KFC 

Sunil Chauhan says:

what a recipy

RaisingAbel says:

Twice frying is the ideal way to fry anything from chicken to fries because
it results in the crispiest skin while ensuring the food is cooked inside
as well. Google “double fried” or “twice fried” for more info.

Metheorqa says:

you are very nice, i’d like to try your recipe, but this ingredients are
hard to in my country ;_; greetings from poland 😉

Dha Tividad says:

Very interesting, i havent taste any korean food eversince

Amelia Bee says:

You are adorable! I dunno how I found this vid but I’m totally subscribing.
^^ I really wish I could taste that crunchy chicken!

brighsun huang says:

same here

Jack Russell says:

I cant stop watching people make food.

가은 송 says:


Danial Aswad says:

Do Muslim people can eat Korean Fried Chicken???

vanscoyoc says:

No Korean red chili paste, really?

Maangchi says:

“let you know how much my whole family enjoyed it” That’s awesome! Cheers!


It was very easy and a lot faster than I thought it would be! You Rock
sweetie, the ingredients were easy to find as well!


I made this and it is delicious, my boyfriend made sure I wrote to you to
let you know how much my whole family enjoyed it. We loved it so much
that’s what’s for dinner on Halloween

Jamaliah Harun says:


Phillip Patterson says:

I’m a American and it looks very good. Is there a specific reason to not
cook the chicken one time instead of cooking it twice? I would think it
would soak up more oil and be greasy? Thanks.

YummYakitori says:

Maangchi doesn’t look like a Korean for some reason 😛 She looks more
Central Asian (e.g Kazakh, Uzbek, Kyrgyz) but excellent recipe 😀

Girl In Trouble says:

Great sense of humor and good cooking,

revren mane says:


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