Korean Recipe: How to make Kimchi Soup with Pork and Tofu – Kimchi Guk – 김치국

Video showing how to make a Kimchi soup with pork belly or shoulder and tofu the Korean way. Enjoy!


longsightm12 says:

Thanks for the video,i made it today with beef and tofu.I realized the
fattier the meat the better the stew,next time pork belly i think.
I made a laymans attempt at this before but without the golden ingredient
Korean hot pepper paste.
I am eager to learn more dishes,keep posting.

winterose says:

You are adorable thanks for the video

Gummobear says:

Never been a fan of brown rice (yuck) Basmati is one I love but never ever
tried this purple multi grain rice. All this looks so divine! I always make
sure I’ve got homemade kimchi ready in the house. And thanks to you, I’m
definitely going to try this soup. You so make my mouth water 🙂 Thank you
for sharing!

อรัญ เกื้อทาน says:

I will cook this dish this weekend!!!

Sora says:

Do you habe any kids yet or are you married Maangchi??? Because I believe
that you would be a wonderful mother ♥Thanks for your cooking tutorials.

Kang Hoony says:

I love it too~~!! But the soup taste depend on kimch taaste and level of
my kimchi isn’t good.. my fault// OTL

dodilekjaanpromo raantara says:

Your hairstyle is funny

jailbirdx0x says:

Will it be alright not to add hot pepper paste? 

May Teing says:

Look so yummy!!:D

acinodify says:

I substituted the water with chicken stock and added mussels instead of
pork, it was delicious! Thank you for your recipe, my family loves it!

Eddie Khuu says:

what is the brand of the hot pepper paste that you used? Maangchi-si?

nicholaswzk says:

I love kimchi soup! 😀

slipiak says:

i love Your recipes! 🙂 Thank You! 🙂

Maangchi says:

Kimchi contains garlic, so I usually don’t add garlic when I make soup, but
if you want to add some more garlic, why not? Cheers!

slipiak says:

Maangchi, no garlic????!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

karismatichick says:

It’s tofu time!!! OMG I love you!

妤 叶 says:

I’ve tried this recipe to make my first kimchi soup, but my soup was a
little bit sweet. Maybe it was the paste. I just added the paste which
usually is used to mix bibimbap.

SoeYu Naing says:

Hello. I made Kimchiguk. not that spicy. Can I put hot pepper paste after I
made it. And Do I need to keep hot peeper paste in the refrigerator. Kom ma
wo’ 😀

FarahLovesEmoBoys says:

Dat hair though

Cass Tang says:

That purple rice also look delicious! Please make a video on that 🙂

Cass Tang says:

Just tried this recipe out, success! Love how all your dishes are authentic
yet comes with simple ingredients 🙂

SamMyoRayFan says:

hi i wonder if u bought the kimchi or did u make it yourself?:) Im going to
try this,hihi

Elena K says:

I am addicted to kimchi… 🙂

cho angela says:

can i use chicken?! :)))

poeticfallacy says:

substitute extra firm Tofu for the pork and Delicious vegetable broth,
can’t go wrong!!

Jackie Whizzkizz says:

I really want to meet and want u to teach me how to cook some korean
foods:( Ohh and I’m Cambodian 🙂

xChocoChan says:

Yes, since it won’t do anything to change the taste of the soup.

Moe Butler says:

You can always omit the tofu but you may like trying it iin various
textures: soft, firm, very firm

Moe Butler says:

Guk is soup, chigae is stew

Asabasgurl says:

Would I have to use tofu? I like that it will taste like anything you cook
it with, but I’m not really a big fan of its texture… 🙁

ellimax143 says:

is kimchiguk the same as kimchi chigae?

Thanaporn kongkaew says:

look mashigetta

TheCorntassle says:

did you use fermented pepper paste?

Krynauw Otto says:

That kimchi is mouth watering!!!

Kei Murasame says:

What is the difference between kimchiguk and kimchi jigae ?

Yana PostForU says:

Your video really easy to understand and easy to do thank for uploading 🙂
wait for your new video 🙂

Maangchi says:

I think you still can make good kimchi soup without pork. The broth should
be delicious, so you could use vegetable stock. Good luck.

justrelax2010 says:

I love her! Thank you for your videos!

Mary Viera says:

Do you have recipe for the purple rice? Looks so good.

karlimerz says:

Is it possible to make this dish without pork? I am vegetarian but I found
your recipe too good to pass it up…

Maangchi says:

yummy yummy! ; )

bluefuzzybear says:

I was wondering, is the kimchiguk too spicy for little toddlers?

taegukgi510 says:

감사합니다. 너무 맛있어요

marvelv212 says:

I would skip the pork and go vege.

blkjeeptj says:

Your videos make me soooo hungry! Food porn!

h1eigirl says:

i made this for supper xD it was soo good!! thanks for the recipe maangchi!

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