Korean Recipe: How to Make Kimchi Pork and Tofu Stew with a Bean Sprout Salad – Kimchi Chigae

Video showing how to make a Korean stew for Kimchi.  This recipe will be using pork and tofu. Also there is a bean sprout side dish in this video as well. Enjoy!


Nur Sabrina says:

Maangachi can I not use sesame oil!

Keurin Meow says:

Is it ok even without hot pepper flakes?:D

natvictoria says:

I am so happy I found this! I just moved back to Toronto after living in
Korea for the past year. Kimchi Chigae was my favourite dish and I can’t
wait to try and make it for my family! Wish me luck ^^

cameron says:

Hi Maangchi, I like Korean food so much. I am very happy to found your
recipe here! I have try this recipe, it was so… delicious, will try your
other recipe soon :)

Olive Jonas says:

Maangchi, can I use chicken instead of pork?
I know it won’t be as delicious as pork, but will it be good enough?

J Lee says:

Is sugar a mandatory ingredient for this dish? Will it still taste good
without sugar? Or is there an alternative I can use instead of sugar? I am
on a strict no sugar diet.

bubzxx23 says:

Thank you!! love your recipes! 🙂

Maangchi says:

yes, you can use a ceramic pot. yummy! : )

bubzxx23 says:

can this be made in a ceramic pot? i just bought one recently and want to
use it!

SheldorSmiles says:

Is this dish usually spicy? I plan on going into this new Korean spot in
town but am very sensitive to spicy food. Looks delicious though!

Semiah Arringron says:

do you have to use sesame oil

Cody Lee says:

Cucumber kimchi soup

kimikys says:

hi maangchi.. I dont have gochujang at my place..can I skip that?

shadoom says:


Maangchi says:

yes, it will be ok but it should be well fermented (sour) to make good
kimchi stew.

Leona lim says:

Can i skip hot red peppers? And the red thingy?

Gabriella Roman says:

1 Maangchi recipe a day! My kitchen is transforming and I love it.

terence k says:

wow i wish im tasting the kimchi stew now, the dish make me smile 🙂

Maangchi says:

Where did you put your kimchi to ferment? If you put outside the fridge, it
will take only a few days. Kimchi won’t go bad easily. You can keep it in
the fridge months and months. The kimchi will ferment and the taste will go
sour as time passes.

Kalia Vang says:

With this amount of kimchi stew, how many people could i serve?

safiah azmi says:

i cook with store-bought kimchi as well. it’s taste nice. no worry. and
since i don’t eat pork, i usually substitute with tuna. i think vegetarian
stew sound nice as well.

snsdlovermuahahaha says:

@Maangchi kamsamida~~~ ^-^

Hilaryheb says:

this was soooo good! I was craving Korean food and made this tonight and it
was so easy and delicious. Just like when we were in Korea! Thanks!! 🙂

magriniac says:

Hi Maanchi. Thanks for the recipe, but it was SOOOOOO spicy. My roommate
and I made it yesterday and we were literally crying. We added a lot of
water to tone down the spice. It’s still pretty spicy, but tolerable. Next
time I think we’ll be skipping the chili flakes entirely. P.S. We made
fools of ourselves at H-Mart lol

kleptic says:

Could you make a video for budae jjigae, or is that too similar to this

qiao yi ooi says:

Starving now .

Rose~ says:

I made the soybean sprouts and it is waaaaay too salty!!! 🙁 I even used
less than you said.

awesomeU-KISS says:

Hi! how the tofu taste should be??? sour or sweet???

taizhu says:

hi saru–you can find the hot pepper paste online at stores like hkmart.

Maangchi says:

@68trace Thank you very much!

Maangchi says:

you are right! : )

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