Korean Recipe: How to make Healthy and Spicy Steamed Broccoli Salad – 브로콜리 샐러드

Video showing how to steam broccoli and make a simple but tasty salad. Enjoy!


Monique g says:

Love you!! Great idea

kin10kin says:

그냥 초고추장 찍어 먹어도 맛있죠 ㅎㅎ

peechgurl says:

i loved this!! I probably wont add the vinegar next time cause its not my
favorite flavor but this recipe was still amazing!

clayripblair says:

you inspire me with your knife skills

Xander Crease says:

I love broccoli, I could just eat it raw, this looks delicious though 🙂

J.O YeonMi says:


Maangchi says:

Great! Happy cooking! : )

tilitoli says:

Today I made this broccoli salad. It’s fantastic, delicious and I’m
unstoppable in eating! Thank you!

Destinee Starr says:

Maangchi can you adopt,me? Lol but seriously, my sister made this the other
day and it was great 😀

Lulu Truong says:


kamjc says:

The stems are my fav parts!!

Maangchi says:

I love the stems, too! : )

Mick Lim says:

i tried it today and it was so gooooooooooood 😀 thank you

Ann Lambrechts says:

i can’t wait to try it out…. and to look at your other videos !! thanks a
lot ! greetings from a fan in Brussels

Ivy Joel Moriga says:

Mangaachi u are kiyopta. Jungmal…

Maangchi says:

ho ho thanks! : )

Susan Thao says:

Can you try recording a little further away???

riw89 says:

Haha you’ve really got a resturant called Fette Sau there ? That’s German
for Fat Sow.

Remi J says:

I love how she uses the sticky rice scoop to toss lol Koreans hwaiting!

rexorzs says:

O_o i love broccoli!!!! thank you!

a4444x says:

omg 😀 I love your T-shirt in this :D! love your recipes!

hendriktoch says:

Guess what I’m going to prepare next ! Rightly guessed, Maangchi ! Thanks
for this wonderful recipe !

Clinicalpsych says:

I’ve just tried it…..absolutely delicious!!!!

Aloysius Koo says:

Maangchi,it looks delicious to me

Luvesaur L says:

Love broccoli!!

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