Korean Recipe: How to make Fried Snapper with Domi YangnYeomgui Seasoning Sauce – 생선구이 양념잠

Video showing how to make a Fried Snapper the Korea way. Enjoy!


yumiko0017 says:

Most definitely trying this! 

IceQueenICRA says:

Hello Maangchi 🙂 I love all your recipes! I have a question though, do you
eat the head and the tail of the fishes you cook like this? I’ve never
eaten fish like this and I’m trying to learn a lot about Korean ways and
Asian ways so I am just curious and very interested. Thank you!! :D

theuglykwan says:

That socket point above the cooker was badly placed. lol

ancheta37 says:

You’re so cute! You remind me of my auntie and she’s my favorite 🙂 ~ love
your videos!

Lams Patt says:

Is the inside cleaned out?

Markie Ng says:

I made it! Ive been watching this video for months and I finally made it. I
used a tilapia but it was freaking amazing!!! The sauce was sooooo good!. I
doubled the sauce recipe so I had twice as much. Sooooo good!!

Tsisokay says:

Looks so good! I will be trying this out tonight!

Maangchi says:

good luck! : )

hui ding says:

Your recipe is great. Actually, we fry whole fish like this in China too.
So yummy!

successfull88 says:

The fish eye is yellow and ready to come out

Gabriela Alvarez says:

Haha I really enjoyed ur video specially when u cheers with the corona.
Hahaha nice girl the food looks so yummi♡♡

misskit000 says:

I made this last night for my husband because heˊs requesting for a fish
main course….he loves it! I said i learned it from Maangchi. 🙂 thank you!

su mon says:

Yummy ! Btw, u lost weight !! Looking nice as usual

playgurl4dayear says:

This is the first time I discovered you!!! Can’t believe I haven’t before
and you uploaded this on my birthday!!! 🙂 defiantly going to try this
dish!!!! Btw I subscribed

denettra says:

i just LOVE ur captioning!!!!!!

Tommy Nguyen says:

Maangchi Do Draw My Life ! 🙂

Maangchi says:

I love you, too! Cheers! : )

Musica NLAlma says:

i want to dive through my monitor. look so yummy.

Maangchi says:

awesome! : )

Yuki Winehouse says:

this video’s so kute 😀

Mesut Kurt says:

I came to Korea. but have you ever tasted In china it does not.

irma11189 says:

MEXICOOOOOOOOOOOOO :3 <3 <3 hehehe im going to try it :3

nelly6147 says:

I am so jelos …you are in Mexico !!!

LitVoyage says:

she did in a separate video showing how to.

Starsonedge says:

So adorable lol

srainy says:

the fish looks good! it’s too bad that i can’t get that fresh and nice of a
fish where i am.

Lostpanda123 says:

Fish is good, as long as it does’t have any bones! 😀

ThEePiCgOoFyKiD says:

I LOVE that shirt ^^,

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