Korean Recipe: How to make Cubed Korean Radish Kimchi – Kkakdugi – 깍두기

Video showing how to make Korean radish (mu or muwoo in Korean) or daikon Kimchi. Enjoy!


emi ness says:

i love this! very detailed yet simple. will try this once i get the chance
to pick up a radish from the korean super market!

Master Jason Owen says:

I made Oi-sabaki and I made this today. Kkaktugi is my absolute favorite.

Nayla Reza says:


punkloveinpurple says:

I, personally, prefer radish kimchi when we go out to eat korean food. We
usually end up with three types of kimchi: cabbage, radish and cucumber. I
think I prefer the radish one the best and now I found this recipe and I
can try to make it at home! 😀 

Maangchi says:

Taste it. It should be a little sour, sweet, salty, and crispy.

noodlemonster89 says:

Maangchi! This is one of my favorite banchans and I’m tempted to try and
make it =D How do you know when something has fermented long enough??

Maangchi says:

You can eat it right after making it and keep it in the fridge if you like
fresh kimchi.

feariekelly says:

@maangchi do i have to to ferment the radish? or can i put it in the fridge
immediately… i usually don’t like really fermented kimchi, or can i
ferment it for less time…

Fatima Amely says:

you are cuteness in flesh

princessshortie29 says:

mmm my mouth is watering, I really need to make some of this.

Maangchi says:

yes, you can use the radish. Any radish that tastes crispy and a little
firm will work well. Good luck with making good kkakdugi.

Avg cnem says:

Hi..i live in israel and I don’t think we have radish like yours here but
can I used small long white radish instead ? I really like to make and eat
radish kimchi.

Dragon y2k says:

It’s OK, but you would have to use less.

Levi Verzola says:

thats flavor

Zinete C says:

Enjoy watching you. Thanks!

Reem Mohd says:

& how many calories in it?

Reem Mohd says:

So nice hope can do it soon. Do u have a kimichi with simple recipie??


can i use hot pepper paste instead of hot pepper flakes?

Amy Barnby says:

Hi there. What kind of red pepper did you use? Cayenne? Another kind?
Thanks so much. We’re vegetarians in our house, too, and this is my
favorite. I want to try it ASAP! Thanks so much. 🙂

Cindy Lai says:

Thank you ^^ I added a bit too much salt, but it’s still really good 😀

Clara Lee says:

Don’t use hot pepper powder. I tried using it but it didn’t turn out too

Ngoc Nguyen says:

Maangchi how long can I keep kimchi and this radish kimchi?

Cindy Lai says:

Is it okay to use hot pepper powder instead of hot pepper flakes?

Maangchi says:

yes, it will be ok. Good luck! ^^

77rxpharmacy says:


khadija say says:

hello, i really want to make this kind of kimchi but here we don’t have
korean radish we have just the small regular one and also for the green
onion it dependes on the season. so what can i do instead? thks you

2niyaah says:

You are very cute ^_^Lol

gang nam says:

maangchi , i have a question. the kkakdugi have to kept in the room
temperature at first, but do the baechu kimchi have to kept in the room
temperature at first or we’ll just keep them in the refrigerator right
after we made it ?

naokyuuketsuki064 says:

i love kkakdugi it is soooooo tasty and delicious <3

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