Korean Recipe: How to Make Chinese Cabbage Kimchi and Radish Kimchi – Kaktugi

Video showing how to make a radish kimchi and a napa cabbage kimchi. Enjoy!


Cee Vee says:

thats the biggest head of napa I’ve ever seen in my life lol wow :Dο»Ώ

KantanRyouri says:

I wonder, do we use coarse salt or fine salt will do as well?ο»Ώ

Roseshirazie says:

It Looks wonderful & thanx for sharing on YouTube.ο»Ώ

Micah Jomay Artis says:

Maangchi Ajumma, thank you for your recipes, I finally made my kimchi and
is now fermenting, I made the hot pepper paste, without sugar, is that ok?
and I have extra, what to do with it?

bubzxx23 says:

just finished making a batch of kimchi! cant wait to eat it tomorrow!!:)
couldn’t find any korean radish tho πŸ™ πŸ™

miyubail says:

Hi, Maangchi. How long can you keep this Nappa kimchee in the refrigerator?
BTW I’ve just made your Oisobakki(sp?) and we are already eating it. They
are soooo refreshingly good.

Crystal Velez says:

I can’t see the video on my phone πŸ™

Mabel Ling says:

Hi Maangchi. I would like to know whether I can leave the salting process
for a night instead of just 4 hours?

Maangchi says:

yes, you can salt it overnight. Turn the cabbage over a couple of times so
that it would salt evenly.

Maangchi says:

I would use some more green onions and skip chives. Good luck!

Seobie Xiong says:

i can’t find any chives, would it make a difference?

cherrylyn engo says:

maangchi if i can’t find raw oyster whats the sub of it?

Appiebunny says:

I’ve noticed that you have been making new videos of old recipes you’ve
already made a few years back. I would love to see a new video on how to
make kimchi!

Emily Lim says:

raw oyster or cooked?

Maangchi says:

Nice meeting you! Good luck with your Korean cooking!

Tamara Travani says:

I lived in Seoul for a month and got back two week ago. I miss being there
a lot. The food was amazing, I really crave it sometimes. Since there are
no Korean restaurants in my area I will just have to whip up my own Korean
food! I really like Maangchi, she’s so very delightfully Korean!

joshina martin says:

wow, cabagges and radishes there were so BIG.. here in the philippines we
have small cabbage and radish πŸ˜€

XxKeriDokixX says:

I love the recipe!, i was just wondering if i could substitute the fish
sauce with oyster sauce?

A2yR4f97 says:

nice video :)) its really helpful….but this recipe is made for how many
serves??and can i use normal radish instead of korean radish???

David Huang says:

I’m making kimchi this weekend! Yes!

arzLock19 says:

so how much i must use oyster sauce ??

Angela Im says:

what’s a korean brand for mochiko? sweet rice flour.

PhoenixKeii says:

I make kimchi all the time without ginger. πŸ˜€ It only adds a tiny bit of
that ginger taste but I usually omit it because I’m an oddball and I don’t
like the ginger kimchi taste πŸ˜›

Maangchi says:

haha, then check out my “emergency kimchi” video.

John Kang says:

Potatoes have too much starch content. It will be nearly alcoholic once it

Maangchi says:

no, if radishes are not available, skip it. Potatoes are not used in

Bandhana Rai says:

can we substitute raw oyster with oyster sauce instead?

Claudia Gonzalez says:

I canΒ΄t find fish sauce D: Sooo… can I use soy sauce?

Maangchi says:

oh, can you check out my emergency kimchi video?

SeHaryu says:

Well, that depends, I think. Kimchi can be spicy (if you make it VERY
spicy,which my grandma does) and is kinda salty food. Kimchi itself cannot
possibly occur stomach cancer, so don’t worry ;D I mean, I have been eating
various kinds of kimchi for entire my life, but I am fine! If you are
worried, just try to adjust the sodium rate and spicyness! Hope this helps

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