Korean Recipe: Korean Cold Salad with Cucumber, Pears and Crab and a Spicy Mustard Dressing – Gyeoja Naengchae – 겨자냉채

How to make a traditional Korean cold salad dish – Gyeoja Naengchae. You can make this dish with a variety of vegetables of your choosing but this one is done with crab, cucumber and pears. Enjoy!


5691leslie says:

Why are u in the youtube place? For some event?

malleysmama says:

You’re so cute just like a doll.. I enjoy watching you cook your authentic
Korean dishes!

ismazara says:

Hi maangchi, I’m a vegetarian and you said to replace the crab sticks for
something red, but I can’t figure out what? Can you help please?

milo thecat says:

Hi Maanchi -This looks soooo good – do you have any suggestion for another
fish or meat I could use? I am allergic to shellfish but can eat all other
mollusks and fishes. I stay away from imitation crab because they are
often processed at the same plant as shrimp… Thanks for all the
delicious recipes yay!

ps. I make your kimchi religiously I think it has changed my life and not
to mention taken over my kitchen HEE! 🙂 

Lauren Yee says:

Maangchi, your videos are the best! Always such a pleasure watching the
cooking videos. Thanks!

Koreafornian Cooking says:

Korean Cold salad with spicy mustard sauce (Gyeoja Naengchae):
http://buff.ly/1bNRwkh by maangchi

FrostBitRose says:

“Wow sound like you are food Critic” Died at that part xD lol! funny

Ivan Dovgish says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

서세진 says:

adding pig throat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery dericious!

turtlegeckosailor says:

Oh. My. God! My favorite salad! :O Thank you for uploading this recipe! Now
I don’t have to ask my mom for help (She is Korean) ! LOL

Jim Cyr says:

It looks amazing, I’ll have to try that sauce

infinitenutella says:

it looks so good!!

Hae Min La says:

Just loving your cooking spirit 😉

Perf Ladic jr. says:

Nice recipe great thumbs up.

Olivia Yang says:

Hey i saw hilacooking!

yangpanda says:

Why do you let the mustard powder and water sit aside for 5 minutes? I use
mustard powder a lot but can’t even begin to guess why, ㅋㅋ~ 망츼 짱! Or is it
망치? 😛

dvcoolable dvcool says:

I dont know why, every time i watch this recipe, my mind keep thinking
about rujak,,, (Indonesian fruit salad),,, anyway, nice recipe,, thank you
for sharing,,

Maangchi says:

Thank you so much for the nice words! Actually It doesn’t matter to me
where I cook. I only focus on my viewers like you. If you follow the
recipe, you should make a delicious dish. Cheers! : )

strelkaforge says:

Too distracting outside of home kitchen. Home kitchen studio I videos are
the most demonstrative and efficient on time. Maangchi, you are superb!
Thank you for sharing your talent .

miss lovely says:

Make more videos please!!!

e8ghtmileshigh1 says:

Let’s get maangchi’d! (sorry)

sporty Romeo says:

can regular mustard sauce be used for this dish? 🙂

TouchyBanana says:

Ohhhhhhhhhh now i figured out your name it means hammer right?

Maangchi says:

yes, it is! ; )

Elena K says:

You are so funny and I like it =^_^=

Dustin Tran says:

I don’t like Youtube Space. I much prefer your lovely kitchen!

youth03 says:

yum yum yummy!!!

Maangchi says:

yes, you can. As long as the pear tastes crispy and sweet, it will be
delicious. Good luck!

bara nishimura says:

what if i don’t have those korean pears? can i use green pears?

Matthew Tan says:

It’s like wasabi, right? So a good substitute would be wasabi powder too
(perhaps for a spicier sensation!) Haha! >_<

Maangchi says:

Check out my hoddeok, eomukguk (fish cake soup) videos, please. They are
Korean street food.


Hi there love all your food. Can you make some Korean St food? Cause they
look so mmmm thank

O. Crooij says:


Fluffy Vang says:

Keep up with the good works

Sandra P says:

Maangchi, I LOOOOVE your videos!! Thank you so much! Please keep your
amazing recipes coming. You are a miracle, I have never been able to cook
before your videos 🙂

MiraAurelio says:

thank you! by the way i love your videos… i’m glad i found you here on
youtube. i’m looking forward to see new cooking videos! <3

okawari zi says:

부대찌개 Please! I want maangchi style 부대찌개 !!!

natashia codding says:

Mmm, I’m very excited to make this!

motritos says:

K delicia!!!! Amo tus vídeos y tus looks divinos

chee xiong says:

Looks delicious. I’ll have to try it next time. ^__^

chee xiong says:

Looks delicious. I’ll have to try it the next time I go shopping.

chee xiong says:

Looks delicious. I’ll have to try it next time. ^__^

sofi salwani says:

hey Mangchi.. naengchae looks yummy. (out of sudden) could you please show
how to make hot bar?

Shoua Yang says:

Maangchi u are awesome and i am always watching ur videos! I would love to
meet u someday!

Joyce Kim says:

Maangchi I love you soooo much! You’re so cute and kind and a good cook!
You remind me of my mommy. I moved away from home to a different state, so
she can’t cook delicious Korean food for me anymore! So I come to your
channel to learn how to make my favorite dishes when I’m home sick. 🙂
Thank you so much!


colemans mustard is basically the same as the korean mustard,careful
though, they both pack a punch to clear your sinuses lol

NachosConQueezo says:

Looks easy and delicious.

achyraya says:

Wow, love this healthy recipes for gout patient like me. Thank you.

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