Japanese Recipe: How to Make Yakisoba from Leftovers – 焼きそばの作り方 (レシピ)

Yakisoba is Japanese fried noodle. This is a  video recipe on making this dish with whatever you have in your fridge as leftovers. Enjoy!


Shay Aviv says:

Hi! I realy want to know two staf…:
Can use chiken instand of pork
What can o use instand of the powder….:) all of my friends loves my
dishes 🙂 so with love from israel

chris671 says:

Kimi kawaii ne!… Shiritai na

holymermaidcunt says:

you can try the soy sauce,oyster sauce, salt, pepper,sugar, a tiny bit of
chilli flakes/powder and then adjust to your taste.I also like to put a
dash of sesame oil xD. yumm

N Marshy says:

is this how they make yakisoba in festivals?

N Marshy says:

been wanting to know how ppl make yakisoba!

kabao chang says:

Where can I I get the noodles?

ochikeron says:

not really… but i love to season the noodles with soy sauce, salt, or
curry powder. very simple but good 🙂

zallou mea kang says:

can i use any powder instead of yakisoba powder?

Panda Nguyen says:

it should be pork loin

19Fes90 says:

Igano Kabamaru !!!!

titikilta929 says:

I wanna go back to japan 🙁

yami m says:

Thank you so much for this video =D your the best

Exosweets says:

Will try to look for Yakisoba noodles in bigger supermarkets with Japanese
food items and make Yakisoba pan! XD Thank you Ochikeron san~ Love your
frying panda pan~

mimi01590 says:

I heard about yakisoba very often but this is the first recipe I see. your
frying pan-da is so cute. Is it good in bento? I am looking for bento ideas.

plzno says:

Nooooo you didn’t eat it for me 🙁

Jong Jongot says:

delicious! in the Philippines we call this pancit. Love to top this with a
little calamansi juice(local lime)

Mike Lunsted says:

I can’t wait for more recipies. I’m looking forward to seeing alot of
traditional favorites like Teriyaki chicken or Takoyaki!

animefanzero09 says:

that frying pan is absolutely adorable

milk maniac says:

you know, last school festival, My japanese club made Yakisoba for selling,
but no one willing to buy it because it looks like our traditional fried
noodle. But actually from my opinion Yakisoba is tastier!!! I even eat all
the leftovers haha. P/S: I’m not from Japan ^_^

Miyuki Saya says:

literally drooling at the yakisoba~ O3O lolx anyway awesome video…maybe
ill try to make it one day ^A^

Michelle Chu says:

It looks very easy and quick to do 🙂 Will give it a go in a few weeks time

Aliya029 says:

can I use Indomie instant noodle?

Akihiro Katsuo says:

9 now

TheKokopanpan says:

I really really love your CHANNEL!! Because you are always updated! ;D And
i’m really happy! =) I will Keep liking your Videos and keep watching them
many times! <3

ochikeron says:


ochikeron says:


ochikeron says:


thesecretsofkat says:

@ochikeron I as well think your panda frying pan is so cute. Do you know
any online overseas websites?

Nicole Yang says:

“and gently separate the noodles” (shakes it with chopsticks like crazy) lol

ochikeron says:

@rowiebby it’s available in japan, but i hope it’s also available overseas

nucalavee says:

おいしぞう… 食べたい >m<

Anna Breon says:

You can also use thin spaghetti or fresh ramen (I’ve never dried it with
dried ramen). Just cook the noodles in water until they are just a little
underdone. Then you can use bottled yakisoba sauce or there are several
recipes for homemade sauce on the internet.

lylvls says:

Can you please make a version of Yakisoba without using flavouring sachets?
like maybe making your own condiments? cos I can’t find those premade ones
where I live atm… :S Love your recipes!

Alana Deboer says:

If i want to use the yakisoba sauce instead of seasoning packet is that ok?
dose one taste better?

ochikeron says:

@djamorpheus i think wok is used in china. hehe but speaking of the wok,
the real one is too heavy so many japanese moms like the light pan 😀

taiwei kan says:

yummy !

ochikeron says:

@Kirarachu you are welcome and like you say, yakisoba is very popular dish
in japan. maybe most people love it. hehe

emjemm says:

i love the music ;u; it’s so cheery

dignansgirl says:

I love your channel! Keep making videos they are really good. Do you have a
recipe for seaweed salad? I always wanted to learn how to make it. 🙂

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