Japanese Recipe: How to Make a Vegetarian Yakisoba

Video recipe on making vegetarian yakisoba in your own kitchen. Enjoy!


CuriousCrystle . says:

Thanks I am happy that you are happy!

purplerubies9 says:

You should have your own restaurant! This looks delicious!! I am definitely
gonna try this, this weekend! Thank you

CuriousCrystle . says:

thank you 🙂

Ronhda McIntosh says:

Why do I feel happy watching your videos ? Thanks xoxo

CuriousCrystle . says:

thanks 🙂

luvrihanna900 says:

Thanks!!! I was hoping u Wud put up a vegetarian recipe!!!

CuriousCrystle . says:

thanks you and youre welcome! sharing is caring 🙂

Atlanta Aim says:

That look yummy I might make it for my date

StephanieGarcia. says:

Mom to the rescue! with the stirring. It looks yummy! Thank you for the

xocrisjoyxo says:

Yum! I would add sriracha to make it a bit more spicy. 🙂

CuriousCrystle . says:

awesome and thanks!!

Angela Nicole says:

thanks for making a vegetarian recipe! Im vegan and this looks delicious:D

chulalenda01 says:

Looks good! 🙂

Lexi Gonzalez says:

Looks good !

rochellep79 says:

MMMMM Looks really good, i’ll just have to add my meat(maybe chicken or
pork) :v) Cn’t wait to try!

Lexi Gonzalez says:

Good job mom !!

CuriousCrystle . says:

yes and I will try and make more too or at least give the option to make it
that way

CuriousCrystle . says:

@angela Nicole thanks and I will try and either make more vegetarian/vegan
meals or make sure to explain options to make them that way in my other
recipes 🙂

thiagopetruccelli says:

One of the best videos I found on veg yaki soba, thanks!

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