Japanese Recipe: How to Make a Homemade Chicken Yakisoba

Video on making a yakisoba with chicken from scratch. Enjoy!


tangelo6orange says:

Looks great. However this kind of noodle is already cooked. So if I were
you, cook vegetables and meat first, then add noodles. So the final product
would be better texture of noodle, less oily and tastier.

vwj says:

Does it have msg?

debbieradhika says:

Trying this for dinner. Thanks beth

Carla Gonzales says:

I have seen this video like 3 time…….. LOOKS AWESOME!!

tigereyes8961 says:

Did the carrots stay raw? I don’t like raw veggies. But this looks so
Good!!! I will see if I can find those noodles here and your sauces.

CookingAndCrafting says:

I will take care of that problem for you 🙂

imperceptibleme says:

OMG I want me some! Looks Delicious for sure! Hugs!

Countryprincess74 says:

What country do you live in???

CookingAndCrafting says:

LMAO!!! You would be oh so right my dear 😉 And I hope you find these
noodles. I think in a real pinch that thick fresh spaghetti noodles may work

CookingAndCrafting says:

Safeway! But I’ve seen it at Longs and Times.

irenenergy says:

it isn’t fishy at all. it’s salty but there is sweetness to it. can’t
really describe the exact taste but despite its name, it doesn’t taste of
oysters. the umami from it adds a lot of depth in flavor! we always have a
bottle of oyster sauce at home for stir fry, boiled or steamed vegetables.
and sometimes for stir fry noodles. it’s delicious!


太目の麺ですね。 沖縄の麺は太目?

wildheart5 says:

Ohhh, I see we have had a naughty commentor…they never learn!

yoyomax12 - the diet free zone says:

There are many “strange” noodles available at my grocery store, I will have
to see if they have these. Looks really good 🙂 I’m guessing that “I will
take care of that problem for you” in response to the tapping comment may
not include the actual cessation of the tapping 😉

aleraulkat says:

How does oyster sauce taste like after cooked?

MrsRedAng says:

I tried to watch this on vaca but the service was horriable. Now Im home
watching you. I heard your oven time go off I thought it was mine I was
like when did I turn that on! LOL!! I need that in my belly now!!! I love
cabbage too!

cassie evanow says:

just wanted to let you know your videos never load quick enough for me to
watch! they load 3 seconds at a time and constantly stop. im not sure if
its an uploading option that could fix that but just thought youd like to
know! because other youtube videos do work for me

theripper3897 says:

and handashi.

Lilaan says:

Hon dashi ほん だし hon means “the real thing” and dashi is basically stock
(made from kelp and bonito flakes) where do you buy yours from? it seems
hard to come by

bebebutterfield1 says:

Yummy! I make it to but I’m ultra lazy…I buy the cole slaw mix vegs. It’s
so good reminds me that I havent had it in a while. TY for sharing Beth.

chinouyamale says:

I’ve added a touch of ginger to mine.delish!…by the way,I’m watching
Hawaii 5-0and they mentioned cocopuffs cupcakes…..ummm as my online
Hawaii rep….can you provide a follow up recipe and story for that dear?

banjopickinjonesey says:

What’s the point in giving a compliment if your only going to take away
from it by throwing in a insult? Cheers folks.

Kimmy R says:

thanks for this video… the kiddos will love this one


But you gotta tap to get everything off the utensil! I personally like to
obnoxiously tap the utensils {:

CookingAndCrafting says:

me too!! I may make some tomorrow

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