Japanese Recipe: How to Make a Delicious Authentic Miso Soup 簡単味噌汁レシピ

Simple but tasty recipe for a authentic Japanese Miso Soup. Tofu, Wakame seaweed, soy bean paste, etc. Enjoy!


Celia Chen says:

Can i use soy cheese instead of regular tofu?

Osuchi Kimiko says:

Sooo… Goood… Want to eat it…

のび太 野比 says:


Famousknife says:

Ching chong ping pong

gelgeliciousify says:

no need for salt?

SexyPantofle says:

Did you use white miso paste?

DerpASherpa117 says:

Eating miso soup with beef in Japan is like trying to eat pizza with a fork and knife in New York.

It’s heretical.

LossGaming says:

Miso is Soy beans too?

funwithFred says:

So happy I found your channel and looking forward to making everything…!!!

robert williams says:

I can barely cook as it is. So i wouldn’t be able to make that even if I had all of the right ingredents, which I don’t. So….yep.

TheMetapod says:

That looks soooooooooo yum

IAmSuchANerdLol says:

Uhh, you could marinade some beef with a miso paste mixture and grill it, but I really wouldn’t recommend putting beef into miso soup.

Murray Kitson says:

you can also find an asian food market in most cities. sometimes it is difficult to find what you want, but just be patient. things to know, miso paste will be in a chilled section. bonito flakes and seaweed is right next to the sushi stuff in the store i go to, but i cant garintee its location at other stores.

Jinseo Lim says:

I tried Abruage and spinich Miso…Sooooo good ^^ 

ezjapanesecooking says:

Check out Mitsuwa Net Shop. You can buy online.

Shadowbud02150215 says:

Where do u get the ingredients other than tofu

ezjapanesecooking says:

I think you are an expert! My most favorite miso soup is spinach and abura-age (thin fried tofu). I usually use red miso too. More robust flavor than mild and a little sweeter white miso. I only had cheap white miso when I made this video. lol. Miso that’s still breathing with a hole on the top of the package is usually great. Daikon miso soup is very popular in Japan and I like it a lot too. Yes, katsuo bushi is expensive. I use it just for finishing touch flavor.

Jinseo Lim says:

I love miso soup, usually I use Aka miso because it has a strong flavor compared to the white miso and not as sweet. Also depending on my mood or budget as katsuo bushi is very expenisve I used just Kombu dashi or Shitake Mushroom Dashi or even Small anchovie dashi. I use vegies like carrot, broccoli, cabbage or even daikon or button mushrooms but it all depends. 😀

whitegenius1 says:

Thx for uploading this, help me alot ^^

ezjapanesecooking says:

Seaweed is very good for you.

matt k says:

i perfer the one i get at returaunts with green onion tofo miso, simple/good goes well with sashimi ( sorry if mis spelled)

ezjapanesecooking says:

Dashi is traditional Japanese soup stock. Check out my dashi video.

ajayaruna says:

What is dashi?

moonsyurii says:

This is a good soup! and a good video for making it, I grill my tofu before I put it into the soup.:3

ezjapanesecooking says:

You can really put anything and call it your own. Tonjiru is a kind of miso soup/stew with Pork as main ingredients. It’s delicious.

ezjapanesecooking says:

Hope you got it!

ezjapanesecooking says:

Hey, how’re you doing 2 Live Crew?

ezjapanesecooking says:

I useally use medium firm or firm tofu because soft silken tofu has less soy protein in it for the same price. It’s just a watered down version to make it softer. Tofu is already cooked and refrigerated in a package. You don’t really have to cook tofu very long. Just to make the core of tofu warm/hot is good.

Rwake333 says:

What tofu did you use, and did you prepare it in any way? (I read a recipe where they will wrap a firm block of silken tofu in napkins and put a weight on it for 20 minutes before cutting). One last question: How do you know when tofu is done? Do you try a piece? Thanks!

shroomingnewman says:

miso ho knee

Sharif Ali says:

Thank You, one question -really hard to find wakame locally, is it can be replace by other seaweed?

Kris Belantes says:

i live in japan, and watching this just made me crave a nice hot bowl of miso soup, i think im going to head out and get some miso soup. 😀

ezjapanesecooking says:

Yes, try with beef. Should be good too. I would use thin slices of beef with some fat rather than no fat lean meat.

Sharif Ali says:

sorry i am muslim i cant eat pork..btw i love miso soup! 🙂

Sharif Ali says:

i cant eat pork coz im a muslim.but i love japanese food! 🙂

ezjapanesecooking says:

Please don’t do that. You can get arrested in Japan if you put beef in miso soup. Try with pork. It’s good. Then, try with beef.

Sharif Ali says:

Is it ok to put beef in Miso soup? can it spoil the taste?

ezjapanesecooking says:

Pumpkin is very good for miso soup. I remember the sweetness of the pumpkin blending into miso soup.

ShiningAoiTsuki says:

oh, I just LOVE miso shiru so badly, its almost my personal craze! I love to make it both in the traditional way and in “freestyle” with all leftover veggies I have.
Last time I’ve added a small amount of uchiki kuri (pumpkin) to my vegetable-tofu-wakame-mushroom-shiitake-miso-soup (ok, it was more a stew than a soup…) and I can say… it tasted really, really delicious! There was the sweet flavour of the pumpkin in the soup, which was a perfect contrast to the miso! Really worth trying! ^_^

ezjapanesecooking says:


taniken says:


ezjapanesecooking says:


purupuru1234ify says:

鰹節はだしだから、取り出すといいよ。   katuobusi taik out put miso it naic!!!

ezjapanesecooking says:

Yeah, restaurants almost always remove it, but it’s some nutrition too. This is more home style Japanese cooking.

AliciaMaricia says:

haha u just leave the bonito flakes in? never heard of anyone doin tht

baboon500 says:

i added the paste so it wasnt just dashi

Jrunri says:

Isn’t that just dashi then… or did you add the miso too?

granako says:

Thanks for sharing this:)!

Standingwithfeast says:

I want a bowl.

ezjapanesecooking says:

It’s all good!

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