Japanese: How to Make a Vancouver Yakisoba Japadog

Japadog in Vancouver is a twist on hot dogs with yakisoba added.  Enjoy!


bella069 says:

The key to japadog is the wiener itself! When you’re back in van again
you’ll deeds have to give it a try!

Serendip says:

Watching you eat that was definitely the funniest thing I have seen all day.

emiiidesu says:

@Sora019 What?! Lol I don’t think so, but then again someone said I look
like Selena Gomez. Like wth, we look nothing alike >_<

jimmie says:

i like the way u eat

dereknobuyuki says:

Japadog? mecha natsukashii na~ Whenever I go back to Vancouver to visit my
hometown, I like to get japadog if I can since we don’t have anything like
that here in Japan… (well… there are yakisoba sandwiches but sandwiches
from a convenience store always come across as a bit shady) but, I never
thought about trying to make it myself at home. You only used the yakisoba
sauce, but no sauce (read: okonomiyaki sauce) in the hot dog itself? Would
you recommend against adding sauce to the dog?

Sora019 says:

@emiiidesu lol to me you do ^^;

kwaiipanda26 says:

hahaha “i dont even know how to eat it” i’m pretty sure i would have said
that to it looks huge and yummy ^.^b

oldsql63 says:

jesus christ cliffcox…

dieselbox604 says:

Try using okonomi sauce nice time. I always make them at home : )

VideODlN says:

Holay crap, woman! Knife and fork it! LOL

littledutchgirl78 says:

Hmart could have something too

King1Lucid says:

Make miso flavoured miso for extra boost, you are damn sexy come to england!

AznofHK says:

@emiiidesu oooh.. well good food once again. definitely gna try it out when
i get my next hangover~

indispettito says:


laubeatz says:

so much for eating off camera haha

kingofalldoughboys says:

Looks tasty! 🙂

emiiidesu says:

@Macky316 I used to eat the Sapporo Ichiban brand yakisoba… but I swear
they are non-existant in any store where I live!! Oh, don’t get mistaken by
the Yakisoba brand… it’s just instant noodles lol

sephorasagredo says:

That looks…absolutely delicious.

emiiidesu says:

lol you don’t know how many comments I’ve deleted. sigh D;

scuffle says:

lulz, youtube is not a rite place for girl eating wiener on cam… gonna
try this in Vanc this winter i hope :3

dereknobuyuki says:

@HappyBunny0804 Is Fujiya no longer around? (commercial and venables?) Used
to get Japanese ingredients there. If not there, perhaps the konbini-ya on
robson (if it’s still there) might have ingredients? In my personal
opinion, I’d rather get stuff from those places over T&T

Celphinx says:

LOL funny video emiiidesu, looks epic.

DeaNovo says:

nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom XD

kenzfenz says:

@kenzfenz ah never mind, i just read it in ur channel.

Khalid Ibn Walid says:

hahaha i laughed so hard when you tired to eat it xDD

63872639 says:

eat eat eat it!!! XD eating hotdogs are meant to be dirty .>,<

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