Japanese: How to Make Omusoba or Yakisoba Fried Noodles – 塩焼きそばの作り方

Omusoba is a egg dish wih yakisoba inside. How to make both is in this video. Watch, learn and enjoy!


HakuryuVision says:

…did you just…?

dustoks says:

like the music

Diitjeuh says:

Every person should be able to see your enjoying the making, and the eating
of the food. I love it, and you will get one of your recipes send by me on
video soon!

jasmine huang says:

omg lol I thought those were your real eyes and hair so I’m like “WTF?!”

Alba Bagüeste says:

This will suit with my Doritos consomme

StarryLing says:

Onions brings out the fragrance of the food. If you don’t really like spicy
ones, try to find white onions, they are the sweet variety compared to
yellow, brown or red onions. You can try getting normal non-spicy bean
paste and miso, to replace the chilli oil and toubanjan.

G hiroki says:

hey man do u know how to make the kotery lamem from tenkaippin, teniti or

Bicycle sunday says:

Your ok. I make that yakisoba. Looked so good

t0NGANkRL says:

Haha in the end was he trying to say melancholy??

micco83x says:

Wow… just found your videos. Awesome work! Keep it up 🙂

RLorster says:

ur glass is freaking awesome and so is ur cooking 😀

FCBarcelona662 says:


רימה חבשי says:

your smile!!! ;))

Marie Breaum says:

I love you for showing what you can do, if you can’t get ome of the things!
That saved me, thanks!!

Jacob Lee says:

I tend to get hungry at the end.

Cristal Ann says:

It sounded like you said “fried egg sh*t*

meomkk says:

huhu im on diet right now and u r eat like : look at me i can eat , i can
eat without getting fat TT TT

lilcindizzle says:

Awesome video dude

Tara Golchin says:

kimi wo kawaii!!!! lol is that how you say you’re cute? I am trying to
learn japanese from watching anime… 🙂

notaspoiledbrat says:

You eat weird dude

Qian Zhang says:

you look familiar, from somewhere…tv?

iBePandaBear says:

I love Yaki Soba so much it hurts…

(ノ ゜Д゜)ノ ︵ ┻━┻ says:

could not keep a straight face at the end lol great vid ^^

XXNerdzillaXX says:

Dude… I’m already hungry enough as it is… But i’ll be trying that

donriel2710 says:

Do you use real mayonnaise or miracle whip(salad dressing)? Just curious.

jOHana Bebe says:

Im hungry

haaddykaren says:

You can order but you can’t eat wara..Omoshiroi wa hahahahaha

ajiawon says:

thumbs up if you did a hadoken when you heard “Ra-yu”

Carol M. says:

3:31 fried egg shit lolol

Craig Mc Seveney says:

i want this song at the start

cmdrchris971 says:

why you so sad runny?

milicakitty says:

I have a friend that looks exactly like you o.o

Devan Ferrell says:

cant find the noodles QQ whyeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

Storm Manga says:

Im hungry now.

SeunghoSaranghae says:

i cant finde any yakisoba noodles in germany :/

Tatsujin says:

Tastes good with beef. Also, used Bull-Dog Worcestershire Sauce.

VongolaSkyLion says:

lol XD i heard this from somewhere….i forgot XD

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