Japanese Dish: How to Make a Basic Yakisoba

There are many kinds of yakisoba. This video shows and also explains how to make the basic yakisoba so you can customize with your favorite vegetables and other stuff that you like. Enjoy!


Rambalac . says:

+Meg Shimatsu +NightHawkStriker +bigbuddha65 +Bud3236
That’s right noodles, yakisoba is made of egg noodles.

Rambalac . says:

+mentalman60 You stationed in Japan and could not understand simple thing?
Yakisoba is never made from buckwheat noodles and on Okinawa “soba” means
only egg noodles.

Bud3236 says:

Way to fail, recipe was decent until you threw in a pound of Top Ramen
noodles and ketchup

Phal222 says:

Great job chef. Love it. Lots of haters here.

nativesun says:

Please! Save all your qualifiers – I’m well aware of both the denotations
and connotations of that particular term (“Hen na Gaijin”) – It most
definitely implies a “strange, usually obnoxious and monolingual foreigner”
– frequently used to disparage americans (some of whom ARE both obnoxious
and monolingual – but that’s besides the point!) staying in Japan. I’m
saying just because you don’t like this particular recipe don’t start
throwing slurs around buddy. You know what you did.

fritzpipedorowalter says:

LOL! as a foreigner who lived in japan for years i certainly do know how to
use this expression. it does not correspond with racism…but what do you
know about that…obviously hardly anything. and about “good food is for
everybody”: this shit bittman produces in this video could never be
regarded as “good food”…so please start making some sense!

Daniel Mitsuk Lavitt says:

you said wheat awesomely!

Luciano Aoki says:

the American way. ALL the way…


@dlwilliam no im from china and i enjoy eating dog.

Hiep Ha Le says:

Watched whole video hoping he’s going to eat it…

William Ponciano says:

It’s so cool this recipe man!!! I live here in Brazil but I like so much
Yakisoba, sometimes I cook with different igredients, but ur recipe it’s
amazing!!! So good this yakisoba.


似ているけれど… やっぱり大幅に違う気がする。皆さん、日本で本物の焼そばを食べてみてね。 美味しいよ。保障する。

mentalman60 says:

I was stationed in Okinawa and yaki soba was an awesome meal after party’n
and this dosent even come close to it, I understand there’s different
variations but atleast use soba noodles and not top ramen

TheRamstoss says:

A sunny side up to top would be really great here.

nanerpants says:

this is cool

dlwilliam says:

@BUTTFACEBOB545 what trying to say? are offending or something.

Meg Shimatsu says:

@bigbuddha65 – Being Japanese also, I agree with you. He is totally using
the wrong kind of noodles and too much cabbage. I don’t like the sauce
either – Japanese never use Siracha and Louisiana hot sauce. The Japanese
use a type of worcestershire sauce – it has a sweet and sour taste to it.
It’s true that yakisoba can be cooked with a variety of ingredients but his
approach isn’t authentic.

NightHawkStriker says:

I know he said its “his” way but still… this approach to yakisoba is not
as good as it can potentially be. For the sauce, he should have used wasabi
as the spicy kick to the dish. Also those noodles are not the right one and
the cabbage should be more thicker. Also, he should use worcestershire
sauce, like the ones in asian markets.

picketypucketypum says:

I’m cooking this once a week and everytime it tastes different ^^

Chocaholic1709 says:

I love this dish! I make it at least once a week it’s so delicious. Doesn’t
matter what it’s called as long as it’s tasty, that’s what I think!

selinnium says:

If this were fast food in America… hm… some things might be a little
different. This looks absolutely delicious!

StephanieRoze says:

It’s 3am, I’m watching cooking videos, and I’m getting hungry as shit -_-

CuteTeef says:

I guess this is the 11th way of making yakisoba. Ew btw.


i prefer dog in my yakisoba.

yamadago says:

「評価の高いコメント」でイギリス人の人が、 「私は焼きそばが好きです。でもこれはめちゃくちゃです。気持ち悪い。」とコメントしてるw
これはあれだね、ブラジルで根付いた「YAKISOBA」だね。 乾麺もどして、醤油やら何やらのウスターソースじゃないソースで味付けするやつ。
まあ、そうだね。 アメリカ人が作るにしてはいい方じゃないかな。 焼きそば と言うより「まぜそば」だけどねこれは。
まあちゃんと「ウスターソースが最も有力なソース」とちゃんと言っているから、 日本の焼きそばはウスターソース味、と言うのはちゃんと知ってるみたいだ。

bigbuddha65 says:

I understand that he mentioned in the beginning that there are many
varieties to Yakisoba, but being Japanese, I must say.. this looks NOTHING
like a yakisoba served in japan. he’s using the wrong kinds of noodles, the
cabbages are cut too thinly, and the sauce.. !! Oh well, as long as it
tastes good, I guess it’s ok.

ItFellFromTheSky91 says:

your not doing it wrong. your customizing!

William Ponciano says:

What are the sauces that he uses??? I didn’t undestand… can someone tell
me??? ;D

rafaelloaa says:

I’m gonna make that for dinner tonight *pops into video and steals the food*

The Serf says:

That really isn’t yakisoba, but more like American style top ramen that has
been improved with some extras. I love Mark Bittman but he really shouldn’t
be screwing with other people’s classic dishes.

Xavier Paquin says:

@OzorioWill Ketchup, Soy Sauce, Mirin and Tabasco (or Sriracha)

FogiTofu says:

@selinnium if it were fast food here, imagine hos skinny and healthy we
would all be!

daNdyPM says:

Mark…you can’t taste the sauce with your finger ! ! ! (4:13) (and then
you grab the noodles with the same hand…how disgusting?) Use a spoon

MrJVote says:

No bonito? Looks good,

CreationalFunction says:

your voice starts high pitch then it starts to go low pitch lol

Jeanie_Yuss says:

/watch?v=wDy1Twcj4cs for some non-revolting yakisoba. this stuff just looks

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