Watch a Chinese Master Cook Chow Mein and Chow Fun

Chinese cook make chow mein and chow fun in a restaurant. He speaks Chinese/Spanish but there is English subtitles. If you can follow along it looks great. Enjoy!


Jaringan2 says:

The most important thing…in the Preparation…cutting..peeling…dicing..marinating..etc etc….equipment preparation…all the thing that we have seen in the Video was the best part…..but the worst part is when we run out one or two item for the material….in the middle of cooking process

Jerry K says:

Dude, Tagalog is a language dialect spoken in the Phillipines….thus the Spanish at one time ruled the Phillipines one word i clearly understood the spelling may be wrong but its Masalap….meaning tastes good…….thus ended the lesson,

Jerry K says:

whoa….i just realized these cooks are Philippino….but if it tastes good thats what counts

Jerry K says:

This is cooking mastery at its simplest, and I bet it all tastes great. I also see why i can make an order and they always say ready in 10 it is this video is 10 minutes and single handedly he cooks several meals at once. ,if i tried it something would have been missed and flames would be the start, I’d probably have the place burnt down,

818silencer818 says:


“mas dinero mas mucho panocha” LMAO

He’s talking in Spanish with the Mexican dude.

myapple77 says:

Paminta – Pepper
Asukal – Sugar
Patis – Fish Sauce
Toyo - Soy Sauce

lol love them.. Filipinos!

pako poblano says:

I want make chiken brokoly like style new York

jgalela says:

The guy is a Filipino chef. He is speaking English, Tagalog (Filipino) and spoke Spanish in the video. These guys are world class. No wonder they can work in any part of the world.

thatbastardson says:

I’d pay double just to watch him mess around and sing, while he cooks my food. Work that angle dude.

Jesus Murguia says:

for what restaurant, chef?

OldaurGold says:

this guy’s singing chink song lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

Iris Loquinario says:

I don’t know how to cook but I love eating. Hahaha. The chef is really good! I wish I can cook like him hihihi ☺

Iris Loquinario says:

I think so :)

Iris Loquinario says:

Chow King, I think 🙂

aznleester13 says:

that was a filipino dude cooking chinese food?

Mrkoto2012 says:

Vegetables before sauce and ingredients. Bad Idea.

craz3killa says:

What restaurant is this? I want to eat here, this chef is AWESOME

mrshammerhankus says:

speaking spanish btw, funny, didnt expect this

mrshammerhankus says:

gives new view of wat happens if customer says, “hold the onions!”

Iron Fist says:

I can watch all day…

ELPaso1990TX says:

Looks great, I enjoyed watching this!

Spud4X says:

I was out in Hong Kong (means ‘Fragrent Harbour’) for a year. I learned to love Chinese cooking and that the WOK masters were the best chiefs I’ve ever seen. It’s like a ballet, a dance and a song. This guy is a boss. Respect!

liquidsolomon says:

I feel the most important part of this video is the amount of fun you’re having while you are preparing these dishes. When that happens, cooking becomes an art and the end product becomes delicious! Thank you for sharing!!

fehr2005 says:

a truelly hard working people…… I love you guys. Mabuhay Filipino

kerochan3486 says:

that is just pure awesomeness

applepiebetty says:

I just cook for myself now & usually buy Chinese food, but in my day…
I loved fast pace cooking. I found slow cooking boring. Still do, but can’t keep up with the fast pace world now. LOL
Your kitchen looked like fun.

You “seem” to be running out of everything. Did you have a “prep cook” (I would think that was a necessity in Chinese cooking). I have worked in the kitchens,with American food & a prep cook just does not get enough credit for how they keep things moving smoothly or not.

Julio Valadez says:

Yeah they were speaking spanish cz maybe they were talkim to a mexican… the united states mexican ppl work in chinese restaurants!!

Dragonerst Broinkz says:

Mabuhay and God Bless to all Filipino Cooks

Michael Lee says:

Yeah, they said some spanish words, but the cook seems to be thai not chinese.

praxisnode says:


arnoldp6525 says:

Can you please list the ingredients Kuya, thanks 🙂

marSo1592 says:

yo me pregunto lo mismo…

melissa cortez says:

Charlie Is that you?

Joanna C says:

What the hell is this?

soopernewb says:

Are they speaking spanish??

suyin2011xx says:

mas dinero mucha que???

Jonathan Mijares Laureano says:

hahaha galing nman ni Chef pugoy!!!

vience24 says:

i know what you mean, you talking about sauteing, yah indeed you can do that 6 or 8 pan in just one cooking. but in stir frying in work i dont think you can do it.. i made this video 5 years ago just for fun,, and i cook food way different now. just yesterday i was so busy at my restaurant and i was cooking 10 different meal at the same time in 10 saute pan in 10 burner not including the stuff in my flat grill yet.. i know thats still nothing for others but i love cooking,

1espinito says:

sayyyyy whatttt!!!! that’s crazy and i don’t think i can handle that much… it is just too much for me, but i least i can try, that way i can learn how to do that…. : )

Andrew LaChasse says:

Please 2 dishes is like being on break. Try doing 5 or more with a six burner while other things are being par cooked for next shift. You quickly learn that a grill is just as good at cooking things in pans as it is cooking meats. Also you end up learning how to cook 8 pans on a six burner. Crazy crap happens in my small kitchen. Small kitchens always equal a really organized mise en place.

1espinito says:

this bro is a boss.. two dishes at the same time mannnnnn

Elchamber Okay says:

Nice video, awful way to learn how.

yaldasaawariya says:

I love this guy!!! We can see that he loves his job!!!

roland evangelista says:

Kabayan Mabuhay ka!!! Salamat sa pagpapakita gawa mo. Magaling talaga ang Pinoy.

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