Pot Stickers (Pan Fried Dumplings) (Chinese New Year Special) – by Chinese Home Cooking Weeknight

Fast (within 15 minutes); Affordable (under $5); Tasty (judged by you!)

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Matowix says:

If I use onion instead of chives would it be better to fry the onion before adding it to the mixture?

Matowix says:

My wok is deaper so I dont know how I would fit all the dumplings in the bottom? I was going to steam these in my bamboo steamer but I prefer this frying method as it would have more flavour{but less healthy), could you use peanut oil instead ? using the bamboo steamer would produce a more bland flavour dumpling wouldn't it ?

ChineseHomeCookingWN says:

Hi Andy,

Thank you for your kind comments! Unfortunately, I don't have a recipe/show for the dough as the wraps are readily available in the grocery stores here in the US. I notice that you're based in UK and I assume that you should have no problems of finding the wraps in the local grocery stores.

Happy Home Cooking!

Julia Wong, Show Host

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