How to Make Pork Pan-Fried Chinese Dumplings / Potstickers – ( Jiao Zi ) 煎餃子

Great video showing how to make pork potstickers from scratch including frying and steaming it.

Watch, learn and try.


Singo Razz says:

🙁 how do you make the dough? 

drendee says:

Great tutorial !!! And of course  ALL of your recipes are so yummy. Thanks for posting ^^ How do you make dan dan noodles ? Or maybe some delicious Chinese soup …..

03shinaster says:

Traditional potstickers use thicker dough but a lot of people prefer wonton dough comes down to preference, if you like more meat/veg then use wonton dough, if you want more of a fried dough taste then go with thicker dough

food4444lyfe™ says:

No problem, my pleasure !!! \(*T▽T*)/♥

MikeTheBarber63 says:

your videos are so great! thanks for taking time to do them.

Blanca Ugarte-Quiroz says:

any how check the spam in your email, maybe they are there

Blanca Ugarte-Quiroz says:

Hi! I re send the photos to your email gmail. hope this time you could watch them and tell me how the belly looks like, and send your comments and corrections please
and next time I made it, willl be perfect

thank you again

food4444lyfe™ says:

Thanksss !!! =P

food4444lyfe™ says:

Yes, you may use wonton dough, but please be aware that wonton dough is much much thinner. It is ok if you are making soup dumplings. But if you are going to be pan-frying them like I'm doing, it is better to use the ' THICKER ' kind of dough. It will definitely makes difference in terms of the texture :*)

Blanca Ugarte-Quiroz says:

and the ingredients of the dough? may I use the wanton dough?

thank you

sexydrowzy says:

Wow looks yummy

food4444lyfe™ says:

Thanks very much =)

food4444lyfe™ says:

i counted… i made 49 !! XDD

gavinomilano says:

Extremely impressive.

food4444lyfe™ says:

Thanks =) It's " KYOCERA " ceramic knife… highly recommend ^_^

Guatorican15 says:

It looks really yummy! What kind of knife are you using?????

Cheryl Meredith says:

Or you can combine all those sauces and have a party. Great Foodess the magnificent! You made a lot, you must be hosting a party 😝 one day I'm going to jump through the screen with my chop sticks a steal a piece. Thank you!

mcbari13 says:

Another great video my friend 🙂

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