Korean Chinese Recipe: Crunchy Fried Beef with Sweet and Sour Fruit and Vegetable Sauce – Tangsuyuk

Video showing how to make a Chinese dish with fried beef and sweet and sour fruit and veggies that is popular in Korea. Goryangju is the Chinese name. Enjoy!


Atx Jun says:

Thanks for posting this! Definitely one of the most underrated
Korean-Chinese dishes in my opinion, my Grandma always cooked this for me
and my family and I love it. Most my American friends never heard of it,
but after they taste it for the first time they’re hooked! Keep the videos
coming, you’re great! 🙂

Maangchi says:

@mmkoo23 just skip it if it’s not available. It will still be tasty.

s2sari says:

can you show us how to make kal gooksoo? 😀

Warren Hayness says:

I am going to make this today and I am not sure how things will work out
for me =keep my fingers cross lol . I watched your announcement today that
you are going to be on the road to meet people from the different world. I
wish your luck on that . Congrats!!!

Maangchi says:

Thank you! You will see the photos of starch powder in ingredient section
on my website. Anyway starch powder is called “jeon boon garu” You can use
either corn starch powder or potato starch powder. corn starch: “ok soosoo
jeonboon” potato starch: “gamja jeonboon”

aeronamous says:

I love the 80s music in this video, Maangchi! OMD is my favourite 80s band.
: )

blueteaa says:

looks delicious. merry christmas! 🙂

Maangchi says:

Chihiro should read your comment! : )

gemuknya says:

hello maangchi!! i found your video sometime lastweek.the moment i saw you
prepare the dish i thought “hey, it looks easy” and i anted to cook it and
i did.though my beef was not really crispy (because i didn’t let the corn
starch sit for long under water :p) my family said it was delicious. even
my mom said you make it simple.thanx again maangchi!!!

SweetRanma2008 says:

that look good. since the new year is coming up, can u make any Korean new
year traditional food or something like that.

Maangchi says:

hmm, good question! I don’t like to use the juice from a can of pineapple
without any particular reason. : )

silkfan says:

I made this for pot luck. It was good. The only problem is that after ther
sauce get solid it is hard for me to make it fluid again. I heat the sauce
and it burn out! What should I do? Is it better to eat it right away rather
than put in the fridg?^_^

Maangchi says:

@bagladey Thank you very much!

Maangchi says:

@candyberried yes, you can. why not?

candyberried says:

Can I make this with shrimp? Will it be crunchy still? THANKS!

LWStupidus says:

my mom does that thing with the carrots too and uses stencils, so cool!

celebskin22 says:

can you try to show some healthy dishes? 🙂

rachelyjs says:

Whenever I watch korean dramas, I always assume that “tangsuyuk” was either
pork/chicken! Lol. Now I know it’s actually beef 🙂

mmdghr says:

awesome thank you

Nummysammich says:

😀 you are such a cool person! Everytime I see one of your videos, I
immediately have to try them out. Thank you so much! Happy Holidays!!!

pipepippook says:

you’re awesome, maangchi! i would have loved to have been there to help u
cook and eat that! i definitely hope to meet u someday soon! i’ve made so
many of your recipes! i asked before, but who is filming these videos? is
it your hubby? is he korean? much love to u. yes what part of the beef are
u using? let me know please!

jhaysol1 says:

i love korean food

MrRufinished says:

4:28 I think both apple and plum will elevate the flavor. The sourness from
the plum with the sweetness from the apple.

KpopKnitter says:

Hi Maangchi, First of all, I really love your videos! I have a question. My
family cannot have corn starch, can I use potato starch or tapioca starch
instead? Thank you.

Maangchi says:

ho~ya~ : ) Let me know how it turns out!

Maangchi says:

: ) His name is Joon, not John. I will tell him what you are saying, He
will be happy!

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