Chinese Vietnamese Recipe: How to Make Mung Bean Filling and Pumpkin Filling for Sesame Balls or Chinese Bun – Cach Lam Nhan Banh Cam

Video showing how to make two sweet filling for the favorite treat, sesame balls or bun. This are the mung bean filling and a pumpkin filling both of which are excellent. Try them both and enjoy!


MsSimplyDiana says:

Love sesame balls! Thanks for showing how to make these. Could you show how
to make the red bean filling? Thanks!

Grace Cheng says:

How do u make the mashed mung bean?

76Lonnie says:

I love sesame balls! I can’t wait to try the pumpkin filling !!!!! looking
forward to your new videos all the time. Thank you so much. 

Doodah Gurl says:

Great recipe! Everyone loves these but they have always been a challenge
to make. Thanks for breaking it down and also giving us the seasonal twist
on the filling. 

elizabethyaj2125 says:

I cant wait! I love this sweet treat, but have always failed when making
hahaha! Hopefully I will succeed with your recipe :-)

Fcs Lee says:

Looking forward on how to make the dough. One of my favorite sweet treat,
but never know how to make it. Thanks for everything you have shared. Keep
up the good work. 

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